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Favorite Hollywood Family


Do you have a favorite Hollywood family???  I am TOTALLY obsessed with the Kardashians!  I LOVE them!  I love everything about them, which is pretty ridiculous!  Their lifestyles goes completely against everything that I believe in, morally, but I just get SUCKED in! They are rude, crude, and lewd. But there’s just SOMETHING about them!!! I love their clothing, even though I’d never have the guts to wear what they wear.  I absolutely LOVE their make up. I bet I’d even love their perfume, I’ve just never smelled it! LOL!!! Right now I am watching Kim’s Fairytale Wedding!  I do not like Kris Humphries, but I sure feel sorry for him!  For as much as I love those girls, they’re pretty freaking ridiculous!!!

If I ever get married again, I will definitely has THIS ring… 🙂 LOL!

Just kidding.  Really!? What is the purpose in having a ring this size!? Just insane… Gorgeous, but insane!!!

When I first started growing out my hair, people said I looked like Kris Jenner. Okay… I can’t back that up.  I told myself.. and my family I looked like Kris Jenner. HAHAHA! I probably looked more like Bruce. :-/ She is the main problem for the whole family, but I just adore her! I think she’s gorgeous, and funny, and smart!!

I LOVE, LOVE Khloe’s White Range Rover……  This is my dream car… One day, I WILL own one…..

I LOVE the Kardashians, but GEEZE do I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner!!!  He is just the SWEETEST man EVER and basically just gets walked all over!!!  Poor Guy! He just needs a big hug! 🙂

I’d have to say that my favorite is Kourtney!!  I just think she’s the prettiest, and I think she has a good head on her shoulders..  I even adore Scott, even though he is a big fat jerk most of the time!  Of course, I do seem to have HORRIBLE discernment when it comes to men, as most of you know… Just look at my past boyfriends, and ex husband. LOL!  I haven’t ALWAYS made the good choices… LOL!!  Oh well!  He wears the most atrocious outfits and I just have to laugh.  Sometimes, he dresses like a pimp.  In one episode, he decided he needed an accessory, and decided on a cane.  Oh my goodness…  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages!  It was hysterical!



Not to mention their ADORABLE son, Mason, who is ALWAYS in style!  He is just an absolute CUTIE!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Okay, anyways…  There’s my favorite Hollywood family.  Who’s yours!?




4 thoughts on “Favorite Hollywood Family

  1. I LOVE the walking cane episode! Scott cracked me up! The few episodes that I’ve seen this season, he hasn’t been a jerk. He seems nicer. My favorite is Kloe! She is the one that seems that have level head on her shoulders – not Kourtney!

  2. You are so crazy! You would love that family! Lol!

  3. I must say that I like that family too…. but I just watched part of the episode of when Klhoe get’s married. Poor Bruce!!! His feelings were so hurt !!!

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