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The Food Network!


So… When I moved in with Mom and Dad in January of 2010, they put Dish in my room…..  I was pregnant, all of my friends were going out and drinking, etc. So alone I sat in my room. Watching channel 110, FOOD NETWORK!  Ask my family… My tv RARELY changed to any other channels!  Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives is a favorite! 🙂  Who DOESN’T love Guy Fierie?  I mean, really! I just think he’s adorable.. And pretty hilarious! 

One day I was watching tv and all of the sudden it switched channels to record something my Dad had set up… Down Home With the Neely’s. ( I was actually NOT watching Food Network @ this time)…  I watched a couple minutes and then was just annoyed!  They were SO dumb!!!  So I talked to Dad, he told me to delete the whole thing. LOL!  So I did…..  But then one day I was watching tv and it came on and I made myself watch it, and I ended up really liking it, an dI continued to watch it daily. LOL!! They’re a cute married couple and they’re loud, crazy, and totally in love!  They make some GOOD DOWN HOME COOKING FOOD!

One show I HATE and refuse to watch ever… The host is probably the most annoying person alive.. REALLY. She’s loud, obnoxious, annoying, growls and tries to talk low and “funny”.. BLECH!  If you watch Food Network, you probably know who I am talking about………………………….

That’s right… ANNE BURRELL! BARF-O-RAMA!  Sorry.. I just really can’t stand her!!! She has a show called “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef”, or something…  I tried to watch it, I really did…  I just COULDN’T do it!

One of my favorites???????  He’s on Iron Chef America and The Next Food Network Star… And has a few other shows as well.. Any guesses????

BOBBY FLAY!  He’s SO AWESOME!  I love all of his shows… Grill It With Bobby Flay, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, etc. He’s cute, seems to cook GREAT food, and can be funny.  🙂 

Now that I am a Mommy, I don’t have as much time for tv, and that’s sad.  But I do still try to catch a few shows on FN! YOU SHOULD TOO!  While pregnant, I watched tv and ate… Thus the reason I gained 61lbs. LOL!!!!!!!!  It was too fun, seriously!

Okay, so there ya go!  I hope you’re all hungry now…. I know I am.. No lunch until 11:30 either. BOOOOO! LOL!


2 thoughts on “The Food Network!

  1. Your TV never left the Food network!! Haha. I just thought it was because you were pregnant and liked food so much. HAHA!!! 🙂

  2. Oh man! I don’t have cable, but I could NOT watch the food network! That would be bad news bears. First of all I’m not the best cook, but then I would want to snack all day! I do love to watch Master Chef though! That show is crazy!
    Thanks for telling me about your new blog girly! You are the sweetest! Hope all is going well! have a great weekend!

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