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Bored! Please Vote!


Right now,  I am B-O-R-E-D!  I am bored with EVERYTHING!  ESPECIALLY my hair!  GRRRRRRRRRRRR!  I started growing my hair out last year.  I do this every few years.  I get it to a certain length and then I cut it off.  I am just a short hair person. I have people tell me not to cut it, and some people tell me TO cut it.  I am pretty sure I am about to CHOP IT OFF! When I get bored w/ a hair style, you better watch out!  I get grumpy and agitated!  My hair is just the one thing I LOVE to change and I think my hair defines who I am.   I was always known, and really still am, as the girl w/ spikey red hair. LOL!!! I know I don’t want to go back to the spikey look I’ve had for years and years, but I definitely want it short again….  Here’s me now… BORING CUT, and BORING COLOR! In my personal opinion, the shorter the better.  I just LOVE short hair!  It’s easy to fix, makes the eyes POP, and I just think looks awesome!

This is what I’ve always wanted to do…  I just think she is GORGEOUS and her hair is AMAZING!  But my hair doesn’t lay like that….  This is NOT in the running… But just wanted to show you how short I would do if I could.. 🙂

THIS is what I am thinking I want to do……  If I can get enough texture in my hair…..

Number 1

I saw this on pinterest.com the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it!  LOL!  I am weird that way! Once I get an idea in my head, there’s really not much chance of changing it!  What do you think????

Or how about this one?

Number 2

Here’s another…..

Number 3

  What is YOUR opinion???????  Please VOTE for which hairstyle you like best!

One more thing to vote on……  COLOR! 🙂 

1. Keep it au naturel

2. Red

3. Black

4. Blonde

5. Darker brown

PLACE YOUR VOTE IN THE COMMENTS, PLEASE! 🙂  Thank you very much!  I love y’all!!!!!!!



3 thoughts on “Bored! Please Vote!

  1. Number 2

    Black w/ red chunks!

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