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THANKSGIVING BREAK IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!  I work half a day tomorrow and then I am off until Monday!  WOO HOO! I am SO ready for a little time off with my man!  Time to lounge around, watch tv, eat, etc! 😀 It’s gonna be a GREAT long weekend!!! Thanksgiving is ALWAYS a good time! PawPaw and Quinton come in, all of us eat and sit around and talk….  Us girls and Mama sit around the kitchen table after lunch and look at sales ads! 🙂 I LOVE THANKSGIVING! 🙂


Christmas is SO close!  I am SO excited!   Jude is going to get spoiled like freaking crazy!  LOL!  He’s so much fun, I can’t wait to see how he is this Christmas!  I have bought him a couple of things so far..

Speaking of buying Christmas Gifts, I am almost done shopping for my whole family! 🙂  WOOO HOOO!!  I am doing GOOD this year!  I have bought just about everything online… I’m telling you, Amazon.com is the place to shop!  They’re cheap and ship quickly!  I think I have like 3 people left to shop for!  I usually wait until the very last moment to shop!  I am so proud of myself this year!! 🙂


Are any of y’all going BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!?  I am not.  I never have, and I never will.  I think it’s RIDICULOUS!  I was a customer service manager at Toys R Us… I’ve seen the crazies that get up all early, stand in line for hours, fight, yell, and just go freaking NUTS!!!  NO FREAKING THANK YOU!!!!!!



I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  I know we will!!!

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