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Okay, so I posted last week about the AMAZING opportunity I have from CafeMom with the hair dye and all that.  Well,  I also have to tell you about something else AMAZING from them.  I received an email about two months ago asking me to be a MOD in a certain group…  TO be a MOD I just have to post alot, reply to people’s posts etc. in this group….  And guess what?  If I post a certain amount, I get P-A-I-D! LOL!  Ummmm, Hello!  Post about hair, make up, perfume, etc and get paid for it!???  Ummmmm, YES PLEASE!!!  So the month of November, I posted what I needed to post, AND that group was having a contest between the MOD’s.. The two people who posted the most got an EXTRA $25! HELLO!  Guess what?!  I WON!  WOO HOO!!! So I have an extra $50 this month! I WANNA SPEND IT ON ME! LOL!  I wanna spend it on make up and perfume and all kinds of fun stuff! HA! Isn’t that HORRIBLY Selfish!??! I mean, here it is, CHRISTMAS time and I just wann buy, buy, buy but ntot for others… For myself! LOL!  AAAAHHHHHHHH!! I have a TERRIBLE addiction to make up and perfume….  I think I may need to go to therapy for it! HA!!!

Anyways……  I think I’ll go “look” online! 🙂  Night guys!

One thought on “More from CafeMom!

  1. Hey spend that money on ME!!!! 🙂

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