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HEY HEY EVERYONE!!!  How are y’all doing?!?  Did y’all have a Good Christmas?!  I definitely did!!!!!!  I have such an amazing family!  I got my new favorite perfume, Coach Poppy Flower.  This stuff smells AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not lying!  It’s the best! 🙂  You should smell it!  You’d love it too!!!!!

I got alot of other AMAZING gifts as well.  My family knows me all too well! 🙂

Jude had a GREAT Christmas! None of us went overboard..  I didn’t buy him anything expensive…  I got him a puzzle, a See N Say, and a Chatter Phone..  Brynne got him a Mega Blocks dump truck, Shonda got him a Grocery cart, and Kayla and Steve and the kiddos got him a Fisher Price Vacuum, he also got Money from our Paw Paw! Nana and Papa got him clothes…  They are waiting until it warms up some and then they are getting him a cozy coupe! 🙂 Since he’s so young, I didn’t really see the need in spending an ungodly amount of money on gifts…  Now next year may be a different story! LOL!!

All of us except Steve and Kayla and the kiddos stayed the night in Grassland.  They all came back for lunch and brought Steve’s parents!  We sat around and ate the rest of the day! It was SO great!  Very relaxing, and we had a BLAST!  I really have been ridiculously blessed with a wonderful family!!!!!  After spending two days together all of us except Dad got together yesterday and ate lunch and went shopping together, then Dad met up w/ us and we all went to dinner!  LOL!!!  We really do love each other! 🙂

I am off work ALL WEEK LONG! I don’t go back until the 2nd!  YEAH!  I just get to hang out w/ Jude, shop, pass out Avon Books….  PLUS, I have to go shopping, dye my hair, and get “red carpet ready” for my party from CAFEMOM.COM!  I can’t wait!  I don’t even know where to start though!  I am a total jeans and t shirts girl..  ANYONE that knows me knows that! LOL!  I guess we’ll see what I can come up with!  I’ll definitely be posting pics, maybe video, and for sure tweeting about it!  I DDID go today and buy my hair color and a Color fix to try and strip some of the black outta my hair.  A girl on Cafemom swears it worked for her, so we’ll see!  I’ll be posting pics of the new hair tonight or tomorrow!  I am a little nervous.  The girl at Sally’s told me my hair could be orange or red. HA!   So…..  No clue what I’ll look like! 🙂  Guess we’ll see!!!!!

My best friends son, Kobe, is in town this week so I took him to Main Event… His Gma came, along w/ Steve, Kayla, and the kiddos. 

I am pretty sure they had a blast!  I loaded up their token cards or whatever they’re called, and off they went! LOL!!!  They played Laser Tag, and did some Roller coaster simulater…  I think they had a GREAT time, and I am so glad!!!!!  Haven’t seen Kobe in several months, so It was nice to spend a little bit of time with him! 🙂

This being off work for a week is SUPER NICE!  I could get used to this! LOL!!!!!

Well, I better go!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!  I’ll be back with more info on my Cafemom deal soon!


One thought on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. I like that you posted the picture of the grocery cart first. We all know I’m the best aunt.

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