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Clairol Nice N Easy Color Blend Foam

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HEY HEY!  How are y’all doing!?  I hope you’re all doing great!  I know I am! As you all know, I am part of the Clairol & Cafemom influencer program!  So, I got a couple of coupons for FREE hair color and I had to take pics before and after and post them in our forum.  Well, I had BLUE BLACK HAIR!  Like, MAJOR!

Well, I was so afraid of HOW to get the black out!  I didn’t want to spend all the money to bleach/strip it.  But then I talked to another girl in the group and she used a product called ONE N ONLY COLOR FIX!  So I got it from Sally’s!  YEAH! This stuff is THA BOMB!  It doesn’t have bleach, ammonia, or formaldahyde in it, so that’s good!

I left it on for 20 minutes and boy was I suprised when I took the cap off…  First, let me say, the girl in the group said that I should use a packet of stuff called UNRED in the mix if my hair happens to turn red…  Well, I didn’t.  This is what I got…..

WOWZERS, huh?!?  I mean, REALLY!  I’d never done orange before…  LOL!!  HA! Anyways. I waited a day because my scalp was a little irriated, then I colored it w/ the Clairol Nice N Easy Color Blend Foam in Light Golden Brown… Here is the outcome!  What do y’all think!?

What do you guys think!? I actually kinda like it! It’s got a LOT of red in it….  I LOVE the color!  Anyways!

So, now I get to go SHOPPING! I STILL can’t decide what to get… What I should wear to the party!   SOMETHING HOTT!  Although the only people that will be there will probably be family. HAHAHAHAHAH!  Anyways!

Well, Let me know what y’all think! 🙂   Night guys!



One thought on “Clairol Nice N Easy Color Blend Foam

  1. I forgot to tell you tonight that I like your new hair color. It looks pretty!

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