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Hey Hey Guys!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  How are y’al doing!?  Did y’all have a good Christmas and New Years!?!??!  I DEFINITELY did!  Chrstmas was FUN with Jude, as I’ve said..  New Years was pretty uneventful.  Saturday night Jude and I went to the Hodnett’s house for a couple of hours.  We ate and just hung out w/ several other people.  We came home around 9:00 and he went to sleep and I stayed up watching tv until about 12:15 and then I passed out. LOL!  Sunday we went to church and then went out to PawPaw’s again.  Aunt and Uncle came in and and we did Christmas with them.  We stayed out there until about 8 or so and then came home.  Pretty fun, right!?  LOL!

Did any of y’all make any New Years Resolutions?!  I did.  Honestly, I never keep mine.  LOL!  Like, I NEVER do!  But I will TRY to keep these!

1. Better Time Management!  My work schedule varies every day.  I never go in at the same time from day to day.  I always get off at the same time though.  So on days I don’t go in until say, 12:30, I COULD get SO much done, but I usually don’t. I just play around w/ Jude until I have to get ready to go!  I need ot be out and about getting things done! LOL!  Which works in with my second one….

2. GROW MY AVON BIZ!  I want to DOUBLE, or TRIPLE what I did in 2011.  I started Avon in January of 2011.  So I have this WHOLE year to do even better than last!!!  You guys can check out my AVON blog HERE or if you’d like to order Avon from my website, you can check that out HERE

3. Be a better Mom.  By that, I guess I mean, more patient…  My son is SO much fun!  But, he’s also ornery and stubborn…  Just like his Mama! LOL!!!  I’ve never been a very patient person.  Also, not worry so much.  He’s a boy.  He’s going to get into trouble, and into stuff…  I need to just go w/ the flow.

I guess that’s all my resolutions for now! 🙂  Comment and let me what yours are! 🙂


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