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Hey guys!  It’s been a LONG time since I last posted here! Really nothing new going on…  I just work, do my Avon, and most importantly take care of Jude.  I can’t believe that he’s already 20 months old…. 4 short months away from being TWO! Where in the world has time gone!? Everyone always says they grow up fast… But I never TRULY realized HOW fast!  It’s bittersweet!  I’m glad because he’s funny, cute, and smart… But I miss him being a little baby! :-/

I don’t post pics of Jude on here just for our privacy, but seriously… Is this not the cutest baby foot you’ve ever seen!!?! LOL!!!! Now his feet will get black… but from dirt and grime from running outside! LOL!!!

Avon is going pretty good.  It could definitely be better.  My next order, I am ordering double the books and I am just going to pass them out everywhere… nail salons, hair salons, laundry mats, etc and see if I get more business!

I’ve considered selling Scentsy… I have several friends that do it.. But I also want to make sure I can spend plenty of time and effort in both and right now, I just can’t do that! I am hosting an online SCENTSY party right now for my friend Traci. You just go to the following link, click on Sherilyn’s party, and can purchase whatever you’d like! 🙂 If you purchase from this party, you not only help my friend Traci get her next promotion, but you also help me get rewards for hosting! 🙂 AND, you get some pretty amazing products! 


Dress up a room with a Scentsy Warmer, add one of 80-plus fragrances, and enjoy! Choose a Scentsy Buddy for the little one in your life. Indulge yourself with our Layers collection. Shop here for all the latest styles and scents.

https://tracipalmer.scentsy.us/ —> Sherilyn Crutchfield There’s the link! 🙂 

They have Some GREAT products! The good thing about Scentsy is it’s a wickless candle. Virtually impossible to start a fire with these things because they use a LIGHT BULB to melt the fragrance bars and release the scent!  I have SKINNY DIPPIN and it’s delicious! 🙂


So, let’s see… 

This weekend is going to be BUSY!  My Aunt and Uncle are coming in from OKC.  We’re having a big garage sale Saturday, and huge lunch on Sunday… My sister is moving to NY on Monday! SO much craziness going on! 

I am putting all of Jude’s baby clothes in the garage sale!  I hope I make a decent amount of money!!!!!!! I have seriously A TON… My sister and our friend have always had great luck with selling baby clothes at their garage sales, so we’ll see if I  have the same luck!  I have quite a bit of his old baby stuff to put in! If you’d like to come, just comment here and let me know and I’ll send you the address!!!!! There’s going to be ALL kinds of things!

Well, I guess that’s about all that’s going on here! Busy, Busy!!!!! 

I hope y’all are all doing great as well!  If you wanna read my AVON blog, just go to www.theavonmama.com

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!! I’ll update y’all on how well my garage sale goes! 





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