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TV, Scentsy, and Fresh Mowed Grass!

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Hello!  It’s Thursday night… 10:41 and I am sitting here watching “Drop Dead Diva”! 🙂  Everyone always raves about how awesome this show is, so I had to check it out for myself.  I am on Episode 5, and it’s pretty hilarious! 🙂 If you don’t watch it.. You definitely should.  You can catch it on Netflix Instant! Woot!

I had to find a new show to watch because Grey’s is gone for the Summer.  Any of y’all watch it??  OH MY GOODNESS!  I LOVE GREY’S! I KNOW it’s not the most moral show…. But it’s my WEAKNESS!  LOL!!  I didn’t get to watch it much for awhile…  I was working, and taking care of Jude, and just put it off…  So I finally crammed practically a whole season into three nights. LOL!  As soon as Jude was asleep, I started watching.  The finale had me BAWLING like a baby! Pathetic, I know…  I won’t ruin it for those people that haven’t watched it yet…  LIKE MY SISTERS! GRRRRRRR!  But It’s crazy and awesome, and you MUST WATCH IT! Got that Kayla, Shonda, and Brynne?! Get on it!


Today from the moment we woke up, Jude and I were outside with Mom and Dad!  Jude LOVES to be outside… Literally ALL day! LOL!! Papa and Jude “mowed” the backyard.  Mom pulled weeds… I supervised. LOL!!

Seriously… How adorable is this!?!?!?!  Is this NOT the cutest picture you’ve EVER seen!?!!! It’s definitely among one of my favorites! They’re two of a kind!

Later on, I mowed the front lawn… For the very first time EVER! HA!  I’m 32 and I finally mowed the lawn! I’ve lived in apartments since moving out years ago… Then when I was married and we owned a home, my husband at the time mowed.  We had brand new sod.. He insisted! HAHA!  I figured since I am a single Mom, I MIGHT have my own home someday and have to mow it. I better figure out how now! LOL!!!

Still searching for a job…. I KNOW the right one will come along..  I’ve had a few interviews. Put in a trillion and one applications. Praying for the best job for me and Jude. Luckily I have savings! WHEW! 🙂  I am having fun being home with Jude.  Although I seem to be WAY more exhausted. LOL!!!! Jude is SUPER crazy busy all day long!  He is one active toddler, that’s for sure! 🙂

My SCENTSY business is going GREAT!  I am having so much fun!!  My hostesses are getting some WONDERFUL rewards for having ONLINE parties!

Would YOU like to host a party?  Let me know!  Comment back here and let me know!!!!!!!!

Do you use Scentsy in your home??  I am currently burning Cherry Vanilla, which is the MAY Scent of the Month!  And in my car, I have a LUNA Scentsy Circle!  My car smells AMAZING!!!!! Luna is one of my FAVORITE Scents! I also love Love Story, Titanium, Skinny Dippin’….. Haven’t tried it out yet??  YOU MUST!  Check out my SCENTSY page!

I LOVE Scentsy Layers….  It’s a GREAT line of shower gels, body lotions, hand creams, body butters, and even washer whiffs, and dryer disks for laundry!  SO AMAZING!

Alrighty, I hope y’all enjoyed this post! 🙂  If you need something, PLEASE let me know!






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