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Shredding, Hair Cuts, and What Not

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Hi Everyone!!!  How’s the weekend going for y’all so far?  It’s good here!  We went to lunch today, to Raisin’ Canes, then I left Jude with my Mom and I went to get a MUCH NEEDED hair cut!!!! And as everyone knows, that’s my FAVORITE thing to do!!! Came home and hung out with the fam for awhile.. Kayla and the kiddos were here… Then Jude and I went to Target.. My second favorite place to go! 🙂  I could spend all day there!  For dinner we had hotdogs and baked beans, Jude got a bath and now he’s sleeping, so here I am!


Some girls on my FB posted this video… If you haven’t seen it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! I think it’s ADORABLE!


I think it says A LOT about a man when they go all out to propose!  If I ever meet a guy good enough for me and Jude, He better out do this one… LOL! Seriously.. For a man to put THAT much thought and preparation into a proposal.. WOWZERS!

I used to go to Trinity with a guy who proposed to his wife by taking her to the Trinity Chapel, having candles, rose petals, etc.. And then.. HE WASHED HER FEET! The ULTIMATE in servant hood! I mean, SERIOUSLY!??  What an amazing man of God he is!  I don’t keep in touch with them anymore, but that story will stick with me for eternity!  Nothing better than a good proposal story, don’t you agree???

Anyways……….  Enough mush! 😉

I am thinking I need to get my big old booty in a gym!  What do you guys do to get a good work out?  I need some tips, ideas, advice!  Oh, and some GOOD MOTIVATION, and especially GOOD MUSIC!  I am considering getting the Jillian Michels 30 Day Shred DVD….  I’ve heard from some ladies on my “Mommy” board, that it really does work…  What do y’all think?

If and WHEN I do it, I’ll keep y’all posted! 😉  Who knows?  I may even add pics! 🙂  WOOT!

Anyways… Well, I guess that’s all for now!  I’m going to go watch more Drop Dead Diva! Are any of y’all watching it now?! 🙂





One thought on “Shredding, Hair Cuts, and What Not

  1. Woot!

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