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A Little Update

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Hi everyone!  Just a little update on my life!

I had a REALLY great job interview yesterday.  I interviewed with 3 managers, it took an hour and a half, and they all seemed to be impressed.  I had to take a personality test today, and tomorrow, I am going to sit in and just observe exactly what they do so I can decide if that’s the job I would be interested in.  So….  I guess after tomorrow I’ll know something!!! I get paid for observing, so that’s even better! LOL!!

Scentsy is going well.  I went to CB yesterday for a couple of hours and sold some.. 🙂

I am closing out my MAY party TONIGHT!!!!  If you’re local, you can text or call me, or email me and I’ll place the order for you and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Do you need anything?  Extra bars?  Travel tins, scent circles, room spray?  Today is the LASTY DAY for 10% off the CHERRY VANILLA scent! You can get the Scent Circle, Room Spray, or Scentsy Bar!



If you aren’t local, go to my website @ https://sherilync.scentsy.us


Sorry this post is so boring!  More interesting  stuff to come! LOL!  hopefully.. :-/







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