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Hey everyone!  How’s it going?  It’s going GREAT here!!!!  I am actually working for my little sister, Brynne.  She got sick, so I got to come in.  YEAH!  This morning Jude and I got ready and ran to Target, then to a BIRTHDAY PARTY! 🙂  He was having a BLAST!  They had a kiddie pool with a sprinkler, a swing set, a play house….  And then we ate… He and the Birthday boy, we’ll call him T, ate at the same table & shared plates. LOL!!  It was SO cute!  They each had their own plates, but they were playing musical chairs.. And Plates!! 🙂  It was good to see him having fun with other kiddos his age!  We got T a Fisher Price Bubbles Leaf Blower! I hope he likes it!! It looked too cool, and T likes Bubbles!


Tomorrow iS Father’s Day!  Do you have big plans?  We are going to church, of course, then we are eating lunch at church. They are having a chili cook off!  Should be alot of fun!!!!! 

I have to go get my Daddy something TODAY!!!  And Jude is doing the cutest thing for Papa! 🙂 Don’t forget to get your Daddy’s something!!!!

GUESS WHAT?!  I FINALLY got a job!  WOOOOO HOOOO!! I am not going to broadcast here where it is, because there are a couple weirdies that I know read this & it’s REALLY none of their business where I am working. LOL!!!!!! 🙂 If you want to know, you can text or email me! 🙂  LOL!!!

I am still watching One Tree Hill!  I am about halfway through Season 4!  It’s been freakin intense! Lots of scary  moments, and from what my sister says, the worst is yet to come! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LOL!!!!

Scentsy is doing really good!  I currently have two active ONLINE parties going on right now, so that’s exciting!  I need more, so if you would like to get some AMAZING rewards just for inviting peeps online, let me know!!!!

Anways!  That’s about it!!!  I hope y’all have a GOOD rest of the weekend!  I know I will!!!!!




One thought on “Finally!

  1. LOL “weirdies”. That made me laugh. Thanks for filling in for me! You’re awesome and I love you!

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