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Happy Late 4th… Happy 5th!

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Hey Hey!  How’s it going????  It’s going great here!!!!

I am LOVING my new job!  It’s GREAT… Great schedule, great bosses, great coworkers…  It’s Really ideal for me right now! I am SO blessed!  🙂

The only bad thing is, I haven’t had time to sit around and watch One Tree Hill! LOL!!!!  I’ve watched a few episodes here and there, but really I usually go to bed with Jude! LOL!  I was planning on it tonight, but decided to blog really quick instead!

I was off yesterday for the 4th of July!  We had a great day!  Jude took a bath, and we did a glow stick bath.. He had fun with that… So did I! LOL!

I mowed the lawn, and then My PawPaw and Quinton, Steve & Kayla and the kiddos all came over for lunch!   We ate burgers, chips, dips, etc and just sat around for awhile.  Jude napped & we all talked and whatever…  Shon watched SUPERMAN Marathon, & drank my Virgin Chiltons! LOL!  DELICIOUS!!!!!! Later I decided Jude needed those POP ITS.. You know, those things you throw on the ground and they pop…  I bought 4 boxes & he went through 3 in a matter of minutes! LOL!!!! 🙂  We played outside for a few hours & watched some fireworks.  We had a GREAT day! 🙂


Sunday at church we had such a GREAT Patriotic service!!!!!! The kind that automatically brings tears to your eyes!  We sang all of the patriotic songs, and had a few people read scriptures, and stories.. So awesome!  🙂 We are VERY blessed to have a WONDERFUL new pastor! He’s amazing, and you can just feel a change in the church….  Very Positive.. I LOVE it! 🙂

I am still doing well with both Scentsy & Avon…..  I love it.  Scentsy is a BLAST!  I’ve always loved good smelling stuff, so the fact that Scentsy has products for all sides of life is GREAT….  Stuff for the car, lockers, drawers, closets, the whole house, body, & washer/dryer.. HELLO!  You can’t beat it!!!  Right now they have 20 discontinued scents available ONLY for the month of July!!!!!!!  🙂

Check the list out….  If you need something, let me know!! I’m placing an order this weekend for LOCALS ONLY…  Free shipping! HELLO! Great deal, huh?!?  If you’re not local, no problem! Go to https://sherilyn.scentsy.us and click on CLIENT ORDERS on the Left hand side and shop away! 🙂


Anyways…  I guess I’d better go..  I should have been asleep a couple of hours ago!  BYE!!!!!!




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