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Hi Guys!!!  It’s Sunday night, the end of the weekend!  I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did!  It seems to go by SO fast!


Okay, so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest!  I find some VERY cool stuff on there…  One thing I’ve found that is awesome is a sugar scrub!  So..  I used to shave EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Well, almost. LOL!  But really..  I shaved alot.  But since having Jude, so many things in & on my body have changed.. including my skin…  My skin never feels smooth..  I can shave with conditioner and a brand spanking new razor, and my skin still doesn’t feel soft & smooth!!  SUCH a change from before.  I don’t know what the dealio is.  I’ve tried soap, shave gels & creams, conditioners, new razors.. ALWAY with the same effect.  So I found this scrub & made it last night….  IT IS AWESOME!  I used it tonight & I have to say, my legs feel SUPER smooth & soft for the first time in a very long time!!!!!!!  I got it from Pinterest, which of course, leads you to a link..  This time was a blog…  So you can check this out by clicking HERE !  I used coconut oil & juice from lemons… my all time FAVORITE citrus! 🙂

The razors I use have always been GREAT…..  My ALL time favorite razors are……………………………….

Bic Soleil ROCKS!  Of course, I don’t just use the Twilight…  There are several different kinds…  Thiese have SCENTED handles… The ones pictured above are Lavender scented!  TOO COOL! 🙂 Anyways…..  I think you should DEFINITELY check out the link above & make this scrub!  It makes a TON. I was able to make TWO jars, & give one to my sister!!!!!

So right now I am watching tonight’s episode of DROP DEAD DIVA!  I know I got one friend hooked on the show… Anyone else?  It’s SUCH A cute show! 🙂

I haven’t been able to watch ONE TREE HILL in a couple of weeks…  Working full time and taking care of Jude is tiring! LOL!  Usually when I put him down to sleep, I go to sleep as well! I am SO OLD these days! HAHA! But, I LOVE bed time!  I just can’t understand why we fight sleep as children.  I absolutely LONG for bed time now. LOL!  I never take naps, but if I could, I would! LOL!

Church was AMAZING today!  It was titled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”!  Started out with one of the worship leaders singing the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”…  Another man sang “What a Wonderful World” & actually sounded JUST LIFE Louie Armstrong, and ended with another guy singing “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me.  Our new pastor has such a gift of painting a picture in such a way that is SO easy to understand…. Verses and stories, and what not that you might not have ever fully understood, come to life when he preaches… 🙂  It’s pretty amazing!!!!!!!!!  If you are looking for a new church home & your in my town, you should check us out!  🙂 Contact me for info! 🙂

I’ve mentioned a trillion times that I sell Scentsy & Avon….  But I’ll mention it again so y’all don’t forget! LOL!!! JUST for the month of JULY, scentsy has brought back TWENTY discontinued scents!  There are some GREAT ones…. I know I’ve blogged about this.. But I am going to KEEP doing it so y’all remember. LOL! 😉

If you guys need some scents, PLEASE contact me ASAP! If you’re local, I am placing an order TOMORROW.. That is MONDAY… and if you’re local, you get FREE shipping! 🙂  HELLO!!!!!


Alright, well, I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL night, and an even better Monday!!!!!!!  Leave me some love, won’t ya!?!?!









6 thoughts on “Smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth

  1. I want to try the grape!!!! I’ll have to try the sugar scrub too…I usually just bathe in baby oil! Love you!!!

    • I have a girl who wants to buy a lot of the Grape Granita! She LOVES it! 🙂
      TRY the sugar scrub! It seriously is awesome! After I got out of the tub, I rubbed coconut oil on instead of lotion. I used to use Baby Oil, but mineral oils can clog your pores…. Coconut oil is spendy, but AWESOME! It’s all I use on Jude!
      LOVE YOU!

  2. I guess I need to try this scrub!!!:)

  3. Avon Mamma— I love you. If my cousin didn’t sell Scentsy, and my aunt didn’t sell Avon, you’d be my #1 rep. We are GOING TO MEET one day, I promise ❤

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