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Hey Hey everyone!  how are y’all doing?  I am doing great! I am just sitting here in the dark while Jude naps!

What’s new with you guys?  Not a lot of new stuff going on here….  Jude turned TWO last Saturday!  I can’t believe it! He’s getting so big, so smart, and SO freaking hilarious!  For his birthday, we went out to my PawPaw’s house after church.  We had a lunch of sandwiches, chips, dips, etc. Then CAKE that my Mama made… It was stinking delicious, of course.. And adorable! And then Jude opened his presents!  He got some GREAT stuff… A magna doodle, wagon, play dough, puzzle, two pairs of sandals, hot wheels, and some rescue cars that make noise, a tee ball set, a basketball goal, and a BATMAN Power Wheels!  He is definitely a loved, blessed kiddo! 🙂

Work is going G-R-E-A-T!  I Love it! I love what I do, and who I work for!  I work hard, and it pays off! It’s nice to be loved & appreciated in the workplace! 🙂

I am having fun selling Scentsy!  And you should be buying! 🙂 Even if you read this and DON’T know me!!!  I believe I mentioned befor that they brought back 20 discontinued scents.. JUST for July!  TUESDAY is the last day to purchase!!!  They’re gone August 1st, and I have no clue if they’ll ever be brought back!!!  Check them out, and stock up on your FAVORITES now!!!!!!!!!!   I know a girl who had a customer order 24 bars of their favorite scent, Lemon Lavender, because they may not have a chance to buy it for awhile… If ever!  Check the list out, then go to my website & place an order under the Client July orders party….  https://sherilync.scentsy.us

Right now, I am wearing Scentsy LAYERS solid Perfume in MY WISH..  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent!  It’s DELICIOUS!!  Just listen to this description….  A confection of earthy fig, sweet violet, and playful marshmallow will have you wishing for more. Hello!  Sounds amazing.. SMELLS Amazing! 🙂

I have SEVERAL favorites… I LOVE Flirtatious.. Check this out…. Fruity and vibrant, a combination of green apple, grapefruit, and white amber….  Ummm, YES PLEASE! 🙂 That scent UNFORTUNATELY doesn’t come in our LAYERS Line.. But that’s okay…  You can get it in a Bar, Scent Circle, Fragrance Foam, Travel Tin, and Room Spray! 🙂

August 1 is the start of our next WARMER AND SCENT OF THE MONTH!  Y’all…. This Warmer is TO DIE FOR! Seriously…  Check out just how freaking cute this is……….

Seriously!  This is the CUTEST warmer!  You can order it AUGUST 1st and it’s 10% off so you’ll get it for only $31.50!

August Scent of the Month is called NEVERLAND…  I have not smelled this yet, I am ashamed to say.. But here is the description…..

Continue your pink pepper journey with Neverland. Sunny geranium, glowing pink pepper, and a toasty cedar in a deliciously outdoorsy fragrance. You can get the NEVERLAND bar for 10% of also! yay!!!

For more awesome products, & more prices, please just go to my website… Listed above, but I’ll post again.. https://sherilync.scentsy.us

I am trying to go to CONVENTION next July, so I need EVERYONE’S HELP getting there!  I need to start saving right now! 🙂 I’ve never met my sponsor in person. She is actually someone I’ve known online for over two years now! We both have sweet boys born in July 2010 and that’s actually how we met.  I’d love to get to CONVENTION and hopefully finally meet her face to face!!!!!

Anyways…   I guess that’s all I have for now!  I LOVE YALL!  Have a BLESSED weekend!  If you’re local  & need a church home, you should come to mine!  It’s FABULOUS!  Just contact me for more info!



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