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My Burning Heart Part Two

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Hey Hey!  How’s it going?  I am sitting here in a dark room, watching Annie, while Jude sleeps! 🙂 FINALLY! Peace and quiet! Who in the world knew that someone so tiny could exhaust you SO much!? LOL!!!  He’s constantly on the go. I LOVE nap time! LOL!!!!

So, what did y’all think about the Burning Heart Palette?  Awesome, right???  Wanna see it on?  I know you do! 🙂

My Mother… NOT a fan.. Like, not even a little bit. LOL! But I knew this before I did it. I was brought up with the whole “less is more”, or “wear make up where it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any”.. Ummm, no thanks. LOL!!! I like BOLD BRIGHT COLORS!  I am NOT a pro at this…  I am still trying.. I watch tutorials, and practice, practice, practice!!!!!  But… Here’s what I got today!  I’ll do more looks… I’ll add more colors, etc..  But here’s my VERY FIRST SugarPill look! 🙂  I have to say.. I LOVE IT!  I am not very good at using this dang camera I have, so you’ll just have to deal with the quality. LOL! ALSO…  I am in DESPERATE need of a good eyebrow wax or threading, but it hasn’t happened yet… NO JUDGING THE BROWS! LOL!  I look a little like Bert from Seasame Street!

PRODUCTS USED…………………………………


Face– Avon Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation in Light Beige

Avon ExtraLasting Pressed Powder in Light

Mark. Blush in AfterGlow



Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Eye Shadows… SugarPill Burning Heart Palette– Yellow is Buttercupcake, orange is Flamepoint, red is Love+, and purple is Poison Plum

Highlight is Mark. iMark Eyeshadow in Biscotti

Liner on Top– Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Black

Liner on water line is Avon Glimmersticks in Blackest Black

Liner on bottom is the Burning Heart Palette

Mascara is Revlon Falsies in BLACK



Avon Glazewear Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Violetta Sparkle

There ya have it! What did you think?  Ugly? Gross?  Pretty? Weird?  Post your comments below!!!!  I’m pretty sure all my family will hate it. LOL!!! 🙂  But that’s okay! I like it.  And Jude does too. HAHA!

THANK YOU! Send me some love!



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