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Hey guys! What’s going on? I am just sitting here, watching “The Whole Nine Yards”, and enjoying the thunderstorm! 🙂  I am LOVIN’ it!  So awesome!!  God has definitely blessed us lately with R-A-I-N! It’s been raining almost every night!  And even better… The mornings have been C-O-O-L! 🙂 WOOOOT! Makes me SUPER ready for Fall!!  I can’t wait!

How was everyone’s week?  Mine was great!  Work was AWESOME, as usual!  While doing my computer work, I have to have music!  Everyone know’s how much I LOVE music! 🙂  My faves are 80’s and 90’s!  So lately, the majority of my music is 90’s!  So much GREAT music I used to listen to that I TOTALLY forgot about! LOL!!!!! I’m going to list a few of my all time FAVES… Some 80’s and some 90’s…

Madonna– This Used To Be my Playground

Michael Jackson– Black or White

Michael Bolton– Said I Loved You But I Lied

Rod Stewart– Motown Records

Shakespears Sister– Stay

Crash Test Dummies– Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm

Queen– Bohemian Rhapsody

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers– Last Dance With Mary Jane

Kathy Dennis– Too Many Walls

Beth Hart–  L.A Song

Mariah Carey– Always Be My Baby

Mariah Carey– Hero

Madonna– La Isla Bonita


This list could go on and on and on!!!  🙂  It’s so crazy the way songs take you back!  Some of these songs bring back the craziest memories!!!! LOL!!

What’s your favorite 90’s song(s)???

Are you guys on Instagram?  I am and because of the freaking weirdos out there, I keep it private.  There’s always the Instagram 30 day Photo Challenge going around… But the other day I came across an Instagram 30 day MAKEUP photo challenge! HELLO!!! SO AWESOME!  Since I just found it, I am on DAY 3 tomorrow! 🙂 Tomorrow the topic is.. GREENS! I am so glad because I LOVE green make up! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  Maybe I’ll post a pic for y’all! I am SURE y’all are excited about that. HAHA!

What do y’all have planned this weekend?  I don’t have much going on and I am SO glad about that!  HOPEFULLY Jude will sleep in some so Mama can sleep in. LOL!!!! Then we’ll eat Waffles and watch tv…..  Maybe go shopping! 🙂 Who knows?  Whatever we do, it’s gonna be a GREAT day!!! Sunday is church and lunch with the fam and then just down time before the work week starts again!

Anyways… It’s late, I’d better go….  But stay tuned… I am going to post HOPEFULLY tomorrow with ALL my favorite products recently! 🙂 Sorry about no pics in this post..  But I promise my next one will DEFINITELY have pics! 🙂 🙂


Thanks for reading!!!!!! Have a great night!








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