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Hey everyone! 🙂  What’s going on with y’all tonight?  I am laying in bed with Jude, watching Sunday’s at Tiffanys.  I DVR’d it last Christmas..  I LOVE this movie!  It’s just too cute! It’s a definite must see! 🙂

What are y’alls plans for Labor Day?  Anything?  Nothing here… Literally.. NOTHING AT ALL! Jude and I may have to go shopping… 🙂  Who knows?

Yesterday I put stuff in my cousins garage sale.  It actually went REALLY well!  I made $80! WOOOOOT! 🙂 I wish I would have sold EVERYTHING, but I sold more than I thought I would! Most of it was Jude’s baby clothes.  I have SO many of them….  And I still have quite a bit left.  I’m thinking about taking the rest to Once Upon A Child…  But they are SO cheap!  They give basically NOTHING back at all! Blah! Oh well!

I’ve been thinking alot about goals the past few days.  I sell Scentsy, as you know..  I have SEVERAL goals some are for the month, but some are for THIS week.  I am not going to post this weeks because I don’t want any local reps to copy me. LOL! LOL!!!!! 🙂  It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing since I joined, but keep chickening out! LOL! I need ot just bite the bullet, take a deep breath, and go for it!  I am VERY lucky and have a GREAT group of ladies that are rooting for me, cheering me on, and holding me accountable!  WISH ME LUCK guys, I am making a move THIS WEEK! LOL! EEEEEEEEE!!  I guess I have more of a fear of rejection than I originally thought. Blech! Oh well!  I’m gonna do it.  I’ll eventually keep you posted on this.

Here are my goals for this month……

1. Get ONE recruit.  I don’t have any recruits, and I am REALLY wanting to add some to our team!!!!!

2. Get ATLEAST $1,000 in PRV

3. Have ONE home party.  ALL of my Scentsy Parties have been online.. They’ve been GREAT, but I’d love to have a party in a hostess home! 🙂

So…  There ya have it!  It’s gonna happen…  I am going to MAKE it happen!

You must check out my website to take a look at all the new Fall/Winter scents and warmers,etc!


Okay, enough about work!!!!! 🙂

I am still doing the Instagram Make up Challenge..  Here is a collage of my first 10 looks! 🙂

Pretty fun! 🙂  LOL!  I need to brush up on some looks though.  Tomorrow is Countouring.. :-/ We’ll see how that turns out!

I got my hair cut Thursday.  I keep wanting to go shorter and shorter.  One of these days, it will just get shaved. LOL!!!!!!  Just kidding.. Sort of! I haven’t dyed my hair in ages.  I talked about it in one of my last posts, but never got around to it.  Hopefully I’ll do that tomorrow.  My stylist doesn’t believe I’ll get around to it. LOL!!!!  I’ll have to do it for sure now and show her!

Well, it’s after midnight, so I’d better go!  I hope y’all have an AMAZING Labor Day!!!!!!  Thanks for reading! 🙂



What I’m watching– “Sundays At Tiffany’s”

Scentsy Scent Currently Burning– LUNA! (This is one of my absolute FAVES! I LOVE IT)





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