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The Usual Update.. And it’s my Birthday! Woot!

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Hi Everyone!!!!  How are y’all doing?? I hope y’all are doing SUPER well! 🙂  It’s been a little bit since I last posted, so I thought I’d get on here and ramble, as usual! 🙂

So… Let’s see… Tomorrow is my birthday!  SO WEIRD to think that I’ll be 33 years old!  It’s crazy to think about where I am now and where I thought I’d be at 33! YEARS ago, I thought I’d be married adn have a few kids by 30! LOL! Boy was I WAY off!!!!  I DID get married before 30… That lasted a whole two years, and no children.  Then I date a guy I thought in the beginning I’d marry, he turned out to NOT be marriage material, I got pregnant, and here I am! LOL!  A single old lady! HAHAHA! It’s okay though.  🙂

It is COLD here in Lubbock!  It never made it to 50 today. and right now it’s 45 degrees! BRRRRRRRRR! I need to get Jude some boots and gloves!  Maybe by typing it here, I won’t forget! LOL!

Have y’all had a good week?  I have… Work is going GREAT, as usual!  I love my job..  Have I told y’all that yet?  LOL!

Thursday night our family went to Chuys for my birthday dinner!  It was REALLY good! They advertise that they have “big as your head burritos”, and they aint lying! LOL!  My nephew, BIL, and sister got burritos and they were HUGE!!!  I was boring and just got a Grilled Chicken Salad, but that was DELICIOUS!!!!!!  And HUGE!  Portion size, you DEFINITELY get what you’re paying! We’ll definitely be going back! 🙂 I picked a GOOD place! LOL! I also get to pick lunch tomorrow, since it’s my birthday!!!  I chose brisket, potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.  My Mom SERIOUSLY makes the absolute best brisket I have ever tasted!!!!!!! It’s better than Bighams, or Rudy’s or Dickeys! I am not exaggerating, either! YUMMMY! I can’t wait!! Steve’s dad is coming for lunch too!!!!

Scentsy is going SO SO awesome right now! 🙂  I have a party next week, and it’s going to be awesome! It’s my FIRST Scentsy party! EEEEEEEEK! I have another one on the books for November!  I want to get one more this month! I would also LOVE to get an online party for anyone living outside of the area.. Or even in the area.. Whatever!  I am ACTIVE for the month, but I need more sales, for sure… My goal is $2001 in PRV this month! Y’all can help me by going to my website and placing an order! 🙂  Get your Christmas shopping done early!!!!!!  EVERYONE loves Scentsy! I promise! Just click HERE and get it all done! 🙂 Right now, Scentsy is having a GREAT, AMAZING deal!!! Scentsy Buddies are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


Just go to the link above and then click the BUDDY HOLIDAY link!  It’s SUCH A great deal!! They are ADORABLE! I got Jude one with the Just Breathe Scent Pak!!!  You choose TWO Scentsy Buddies and ONE scent Pak, and Scentsy Chooses the 2nd Pak! 🙂  I got Autumn Sunset as the second one. 🙂

Did y’all know I’m on TWITTER???  Check me out..  https://twitter.com/ShuSpace79

Anyways, I guess that’s all for tonight…… Sorry I am not more interesting!!!  I seem to get more boring these days! LOL!!!!!  It’s quite sad, but oh well!!!!!!! I’ll end this with sharing a picture a friend of mine posted on my FB tonight…. Too cute and funny….



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