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This Morning I woke up HEAVY! I did not sleep well last night. I turned on my PANDORA while I got ready…..

The music I heard?

1. Jason Castro- It’s Only A Mountain

2. Laura Story- Mighty To Save

3. David Crowder- Come Thou Fount

4. Third Day- I Need a Miracle


Even if I am feeling down, heavy hearted, sad, or scared, I KNOW I can lean on Jesus. Those songs this morning proved it. I’m not saying I listened to those songs and instantly felt refreshed and perfectly OK.. I’m not. But I KNOW it’s going to be okay…

If you’re having a tough time, turn on your Pandora, and listen to Contemporary Christian Radio.. That’s what I had it on.


And of course, I need to post about the DEBATE.. Actually, it’s not about the debate.. It’s about our Country.. I saw a quote on FB this morning that said “No Matter who is President, Jesus is King”.. That’s so true. 🙂

Have a happy Friday!



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