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Hello everyone! 🙂 What’s going on!? Not a whole here! Just watching BIG BANG THEORY before going to bed! I love this show.. It’s ridiculous! LOL! Do you guys watch it? If you don’t, you should! 🙂

Life around here is pretty G-R-E-A-T! 🙂  Work is awesome, and so is my SCENTSY business!!! I’m pretty far from my goal, but I am hopeful!  And I have been stepping out of my comfort zone too, so I am hoping and praying it pays off soon! 🙂  I do have my VERY FIRST Scentsy HOME party next week!!!!  I am so excited and I hope it goes well!!!! WISH ME LUCK! 🙂

The weather has really been cooling down lately and it’s been GREAT! I usually HATE cold weather, but I am loving it now! Saturday I don’t think it got above 48 degrees!! 🙂  We had my Mom’s AWESOME vegetable beef soup and corn bread for lunch! Sunday was my Birthday….  I am now OLD, OLD, OLD! LOL!!!!!!! I had a GREAT day!  Went to church, then came home from church for lunch that I got to pick (that’s what our family does)…  I picked Brisket, potato salad, and mac salad.. You have NOT lived until you’ve eaten THAT meal from my Mom.  She’s an AMAZING cook, and that is seriously the best!  Our entire family LOVES it.. Which is rare for all of us. LOL!  Out of our whole family, we get pretty picky and usually someone doesn’t like SOMETHING! LOL!!!! 🙂 My brother in laws Dad came to lunch too, and that was fun! 🙂  You have to be pretty special to share SUNDAY LUNCH with the Crutchfield’s. LOL!!!! Consider yourself lucky, priveleged, or blessed if you’ve done it. HAHAHA!!! (I’m only party kidding!)  I got some money for my birthday, and I can’t decide what to do with it!  Save it? Spend it? AAUUUGGHH! I am not a person who NEEDS more make up or perfume, but boy do I want it. LOL!!!  I want two SugarPill palettes, and I want a new perfume.. I tried Viva La Juicy the other night and LOVED it, and Burberry Body… Delicious! I used to wear Malaia from Hollister, but just found out it’s been discontinued! I did find it on Ebay.. But I can’t decide for sure what I want! LOL!!!!!!  Oh well… I know I’ll decide on something. HA!

My niece had her 6 month cardiology check up today, and of course, as to be expected, it went AWESOME! 🙂 SO Blessed that Kelbey is so healthy and doing so well!!!!!!!! 🙂


Well, I guess I’d better go!  I hope y’all have a wonderful night, and AWESOME Friday!!!  I know I will!





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