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Getting Ready For Christmas!


Hi guys! 🙂  It’s Saturday night, Jude’s snoring beside me, I’m watching DODGEBALL, blogging, and Christmas shopping. LOL! 🙂  I am the QUEEN of Multi-Tasking! 🙂  I am over halfway finished with my Christmas presents already! BOOM! 🙂  I’m pretty stoked about that!!!  This is so fun!  I hate being so rushed and having to scramble with the money and time, etc.  So this year, I’ll be DONE early! WOOOT! I am So excited!!!!!! 🙂

I am SUPER excited about Christmas!!!!  Really just WINTER in general! 🙂  I can’t wait for the COLD weather, Fires at my sisters house (yeah, I just invited myself! LOL!), Using my Leopard Print Snuggie, Hot Chocolate, Chili, Gumbo, Stew, etc… There are SO many things to look forward to! I’ve already started listening to Christmas music on Pandora.. I need to pull out my Josh Groban Christmas CD… It’s my ULTIMATE FAVORITE! 🙂 Along with Shane & Shane, Michael Buble’, and Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD’s… They just make me SO HAPPY! 🙂

This weekend so far has been chill… Jude and I played a lot today and then Kayla and the kiddos came over. Kayla took Jude with her to Mardel and then she and Mom took him with them to the store…  I actually got to take a long hot bath for the first time in a VERY, VERY long time!!!!! 🙂  I enjoyed that!  Before I had Jude, I used to take a bath EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I loved them!  I’d eat ice, listen to music, and read. LOL!!!!!

Tonight we had the usual Saturday night meal.. Mom’s burgers and french fries.  Steve’s Dad came over and we had a great night! 🙂  I LOVE my family!  I’m pretty sure no one else’s family is as awesome as mine! 🙂

I have my first Scentsy Party this week!!!!!  Y’all say a prayer for me!! EEEEEEEK! 🙂  I am nervous!  And I DEFINITELY need more sales this month!  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for a good turn out and that I don’t make a fool out of myself! LOL!!!!!!  It should be fun!  I am ridiculously excited!

Anyways, I’d better go!!!  I hope y’all have a GREAT rest of the weekend! Y’all ROCK!  Don’t forget to help a sista out….  Check out my Scentsy website https://sherilync.scentsy.us and get your Christmas shopping done early! 🙂  Love you all!!!



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Christmas!

  1. Why wasn’t I invited over Saturday night? :/ After you do your Christmas shopping you can do mine 🙂

    • Give me money and I’ll gladly do your shopping! 🙂 I’ve done almost all mine online! 🙂 The only person “invited” was Dick.. You know we always do burgers! 🙂

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