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Hey Everyone! Here’s a new post, as promised! 🙂 I am watching Big Bang Theory.. 🙂  LOVE this show! Who else watches this?  I just adore Sheldon!!!!

I just got home from the most beautiful wedding!!!!  A man I babysat  YEARS and YEARS got married tonight… How OLD do I feel? LOL! It was gorgeous, and super spiritual.  I loved it!  And bawled like a baby the whole time!  The reception was WONDERFUL!!!!!!  It was at the Lakeridge Country Club! It was ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!  TONS of food, Great appetizers, an AMAZING candy bar… They also had an ADORABLE Photo Booth! 🙂  I had a GREAT date… My friend Elaine! 🙂 LOL!!!

I really had a BLAST!!!!  I was planning to just go to the wedding and immediately go home, but I changed my mind once the wedding was over.  I NEVER do anything outside of work.  I didn’t get to talk to the family at the church, and I’d RSVP’d, so I chose to go, and I am SO glad I did!!!!!!! 🙂

Anyways.  So for those of you who don’t know, Scentsy has a line called LAYERS.. It’s bath and body products… Shower gels and creams, lotions, body butters, etc.  I got Hand Cream, solid perfume, and shower cream in LINGER. This is my new favorite scent! IT IS DECLIOUS! And kinda reminds me of my best friend, MANDY, so I like it a little more maybe. LOL! 🙂 Here’s the description of the scent… Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavish praline, and flirty marshmallow swirl to create a fragrance that says “stay”.

It really is delicious!!!! 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be running around delivering Scentsy orders! I have a TON to deliver!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! That’s always a good thing, right?

Make sure you run over and check out my website… https://sherilync.scentsy.us Place your Order and help me beat a BIG goal this month! 🙂 I’m already WELL on my way!!!!!

Anyways, enough about work!!! 🙂

I am watching a movie I DVR’d from the Hallmark Movie Channel.. It’s called A Crush On You… It’s ADORABLE and I LOVE IT! 🙂 The synopsis is “A man mistalenly emails the wrong woman with a message of affection”.. Basically a guy gets someones email address wrong and is emailing one woman, thinking he is emailing another… You can guess what happens.. It’s so cute and sweet! Exactly what I LOVE! 🙂http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/acrushonyou

Well, it’s 11:35pm on Friday night…  I am out of things to talk about and I wanna finish this movie! 🙂 I hope y’all have the greatest night and weekend! Who knows?  Maybe I’ll blog again tomorrow, who knows!?  I DO know I’ll be cleaning! LOL! I say that EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.. But it never gets done! I MUST DO IT TOMORROW! So, cleaning and delivering Scentsy… SUCH an eventful day!!!





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