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Scentsy Lovin’, The Week, and Make Up

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Remember how I said I didn’t know what I really wanted for Christmas? I made out a small list and that was that. well, I have found more. 🙂 Check it out. This first one is a MUST and I MUST MUST MUST have it! 🙂

This palette is freaking $9.99! I MUST own this NOW! LOL!!!! You can get it HERE

BUT HOLD IT! I just found ANOTHER one I want! LOL!!! Look at this beauty!!

This one is ALSO Just $9.99! I will own both of these SOON! Heck, I  may not be patient enough to wait until Christmas! EEEEEEEK!

I have never used SLEEK products before, but I am going to! And when I do, I’ll let y’all know what I think!!!! The colors look SUPER pigmented, which I LOVE, so I am sure I’ll love these too!

Another item I want to try out is OCC  Lip Tar….  These look pretty awesome! I’ve read several bloggers that like them.. Especally  SHRINKLE  (It’s Amy, the owner of SUGARPILL Cosmetics! EEEEEEK!) Check them out… They look AMAZING! They actually come in some CRAZY colors! LOL!! They are $16.00 a piece, and I am just DYING to try them! 🙂 🙂

There are so many AWESOME brands of eyeshadow I want to try out….. Inglot, Lit, Glamour Doll Eyes… I need ALL of them!!! LOL! So.. Family.. Close friends.. GET TO SHOPPING!!! 🙂  LOL! Just kidding! (sorta!)

This week has been pretty good. Work has been slow. Mom was sick.. Now Jude is sick.. AGAIN! What is up with that!? So weird! He NEVER, EVER gets sick, and now it’s twice in a row! Ridiculous! I am pumping him full of vitamins! Hopefully it won’t hang around!

It is FINALLY the weekend! I am SO excited! Tonight I am going to a visitation for a friends husband.  His funeral is tomorrow, but I can’t go so I am just going tonight. Tomorrow I have a SCENTSY EVENT!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I am SO ridiculously excited I can’t stand it! But I am also SO ridiculously nervous! This is my first Scentsy event. I was supposed to do one a couple of months ago, but my booth was cancelled last minute! Y’all say a prayer everything goes smoothly!!




Speaking of Scentsy Events…..  I am ALL Signed up for the Scentsy Spring Sprint!  It’s a really cool event that ALL Scentsy reps can go to… They have them in different cities.. LUCKILY They’re doing one in LUBBOCK! YEAH! It’s in February and I have paid and I am ready to go! LOL!!!!! It should be a lot of fun! You learn about new product, you LOTS of swag…. I am so excited about it!!!



Anyways! I guess that’s it for this post! I’ll definitely be posting more this weekend! I’ll let y’all know how my event goes! Cross your fingers and your toes and say a little prayer! 🙂





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