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Hello There!


Hey guys!


Today was a pretty good day.  Work wasn’t too busy.. I actually left about 45 minutes early! WOOT! 🙂 This morning I had to go pay a ticket I got. :-/ There went $100 I did NOT want to spend. One of my oldest BFF’s and I are going to take defensive driving together.. This will be our SECOND time taking it together. LOL!! Now THAT is sad!!!! 🙂

Jude’s cold is 100 times better.. His nose still drips like a faucet, but he’s not nearly as bad as he has bee the past few days! I’ll be glad when he’s back to normal!!!  Tonight we went to Drug Emporium and Rosas and back home.  Kayla and Kelbey came over and we watched tv and laughed at Jude acting crazy. He’s definitely going to give me a run for my money! LOL! This kid is just plain crazy! LOL!!!!

I got to deposit a NICE amount of money today from my TAHOKA craft fair this weekend! That was fun! I always love depositing money! OF course a big chunk of it I’ll turn around and reinvest for more stock. Hopefully I’ll have more events! 🙂


Isn’t that fun?  Don’t you want some money?  Join my Scentsy team! I am having a BLAST!!!!!!  Click HERE to join my team TODAY! 🙂  You know you want to!!!! 🙂

Wanna know what I Am excited about?? The JANUARY 2013 BBMB List.. BBMB stands for Bring Back My Bar! A while back you could vote for your 3 favorite past Scentsy scents that you wanted them to bring back! I have never smelled ANY of these on the list, so I am SUPER stoked! Are any of your favorites on the list? Which ones?

THE RESULTS ARE IN! It’s time for Scentsy’s semi-annual Bring Back My Bar promotion! Twice a year, Scentsy gives their consultants and customers the opportunity …

to vote on which of their favorite discontinued bars they would like to have return. After the voting is done, Scentsy brings back the top 20 and features them for ONE MONTH ONLY, so you’ll want to   stock up while you can! For January 2013, here is the list of Bring Back My Bars that you will be able to order. BBMB’s can also be combined in the Combine and Save Scentsy 6-pack of bars for buy 5 get 1 free. Mix and match any that you’d like. Visit my website in January to purchase.
Here are the winners:
Cherry Almond Pie- Graham crackers, sweet almond, cream and cherries.
Carrot Cake- Irresistibly sweet, nutty, warm and spicy.
Twilight- Sophisticated and fresh scent with florals and infused with ocean air.
Root Beer Float- Old fashioned root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream.
Coffee Tree- Bold and sophisticated. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.
Spiced Orange Harvest- Strong, sweet oranges spiced with cloves and cinnamon.
Pima Cotton- the light and clean smell of cotton, lilies, freesia and jasmine.
Maple Butter- the sweet and buttery scent of maple.
Berry Blush- Tart and tropical with berry, sweet peach nectar and guava.
You Go, Girl- A girlish fragrance that features apples, berries, muguet, and linden blossoms.
Inner Peace- A calming scent with earthy wood notes, lemon goves and cypress.
Falling Leaves- Earthy scent that features clove, cinnamon and patchouli.
Just Peachy Ginger- Mouthwatering peaches, apricots, nectarines and ginger
Coconut Palm- A unique and tropical blend of coconut and patchouli
Bananarama- Sweet and golden ripe bananas.
Tahiti Pear- Tropical scent of freshly shaved coconut with notes of sweet pear.
Lots of Lavender- A calming blend of chamomile and lavender.
Sage and Sweetgrass- Fresh picked herbs with sandalwood.
Wild Black Berry- Sweet and juicy black berries.
They all sound so yummy! I am excited about You go, girl, Banarama, Pima Cotton, Inner Peace, and Twilight.  What about y’all???
These will ONLY be around in January. That’s it. Then they’re gone again! So get your lists started and lets get them ordered FIRST THING JANUARY 1!
Wanna know what they smell like?  Me too! LOL! I’ll be getting a sampler pack of them so we can have a smellin’ party! Let me know!
Well, I guess I’d better go! It’s 11pm and I have to get up early tomorrow! LOVE Y’ALL!!!!

2 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Oh girlie your killing me!!! Spiced Orange Harvest and Just Peachy Ginger!!!! I’m going to be broke! hahaha So ordering some in January. You better not let me forget!

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