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This has been one of THOSE weekends. Jude’s “terrible twos” side has been showing.. A LOT! Wow! I am exhausted!!!! He just spent two minutes in time out for this……

Yes, that’s a huge pile of lotion in the rocking chair. Grrrrrr! At least my legs are super soft now.. I guess I should thank him for that. LOL!
This evening we’ve been playing here a lot…

He loves this thing! And I am SO glad! 🙂

I had to cook for him.. Lol!!!

Then he came to help me. 🙂


We’ve had a pretty good day! 🙂
This morning church was GREAT! The kids program was hilarious! And of course my niece did a awesome job as usual! She’s a born actress! 🙂
After church was lunch.. Roast, mashed taters, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower! Yummmmmm! 🙂

I’ve left the house only to go to church and then to drive a few blocks to a Scentsy customers house and that’s it! It’s FINALLY cold outside!!! Yippppeeee! I’ve been dying or cold weather, but I don’t like to be out in it! LOL! I wanna be home where it’s warm, or in my super warm car. 🙂 The news says there could be a light dusting of snow tonight! I wish there would be a TON of it!!!!!

I really need to get some warm boots!!! I found a pair I like, I just have to wait until I have the money. 🙂 I like these….
But in black! 🙂 Price isn’t too bad ether!
Why do y’all think?!? I definitely need to get some warmer clothes!! Working out in the cold is NOT my idea of a good time! Lol! I am such a wimp really!!!!!

There is a song I’ve heard on KLOVE that I just LOVE!!!! It’s called Even if The Healing Doesn’t Come, by Kutless.. Have y’all heard it!? MAN! Is it amazing or what?!!!!!!  I’ll post a link to it with lyrics..


Maybe there is someone out there who needs this right now?  There have been PLENTY of times in my life when I wondered where God is.. WHY he didn’t heal a family member or friend. My Uncle Bobby.. One of the MOST amazing men I’ve ever known.. Had Cystic Fibrosis. Believed in Healing.. We ALL did.. We prayed like crazy. He passed away. My BELOVED Maw MAw.. That woman is AMAZING! Got cancer. We prayed. Believed. Posted Healing verses ALL over her bedroom… She passed away just two months after the diagnosis.. A DEAR friend hit by a drunk driver in 1996… Our whole youth group PRAYED for healing.. He died. My brother in law’s mother who had aheart attack just a couple of months ago.. We prayed for her healing too.. She passed away. I don’t understand WHY stuff like that happens. I wish I did. I wish I knew what God was thinking. But really.. HE IS STILL GOD. We make choices that affect us and everyone else. Things happen. Not EVERYONE who asks for physical healing will be healed the way we think it should happen. Ya know what? EAch person I posted about has affected other people.  Maybe the people affected by those that have passed wouldn’t have herad about God? Take my niece.. She has HypoPlastic Left Heart Syndrome, or HLHS. Man have we prayed for that girl.. DAILY! We all still do! She is Healthy and happy. LOVES Jesus. We found out when my sister was about 20 weeks that Kel would have this. Were told to expect the worst. That she may not survive birth and if she did, she wouldn’t much longer. She’s 10. She’s had 3 open heart surgeries. She’s always bounced back QUICK! Surprising Dr’s with her health! SO many people have been affected by her life… By her story. My sister and her husband are fighters. Believers. NEver wavering in their belief. NEver once thought about NOT believing in Christ. Is she physically healed 100%? No. But she is extrememly healthy. We see people, and hear of other kids ALL The time who are SO much worse off than she is! A little girl they met actually passed away a couple of weeks ago. But here’s our Kelbey! Strong and beautiful and just simply AMAZING! 🙂 We have to remember..  His ways are not our ways. His time is not our time. All I know is that we HAVE to trust Him. Ultimately everything is in His hands and we have to trust and believe. I think about my Maw Maw and Uncle Bobby, and Donna in Heaven.. NEW BODIES. No more suffering and no more pain. Sitting at the feet of our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ! WHAT A SIGHT! I can’t imagine what they are thinking or feeling. I get chills thinking about it though.. The sights they are seeing. The People they are seeing. Are they walking the streets with David? Mary? Peter? Paul? I don’t know. But I DO know I want to find out! I want to see them again some day! I can’t wait to experience what they are experiencing! WOWZA!!! What about y’all!? Do you have someone who lived Daily for Jesus Christ that has passed away? I wonder if they are anxiously awaiting our arrival?


Don’t make fun of me for this last one. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite hymns! LOL!! 🙂 And who can sing it better than the Gaithers?!??!? HAHA! 🙂 I know SOME old Fogeys will Love this too!



Anyways…… That’s it. Food for thought. Enjoy the music. 🙂 I do.
Anyways !! I guess if better go! I need to go shower and get my little booger to bed!!! Have a great night everyone!!!!!!

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