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Too much randomness


HI GUYS! What’s going on???  I am laying here watching INTERVENTION! I love this show! 🙂 It’s inspiring and heart breaking all at the same time! Today was a pretty slow day at work.. Not a whole lot going on.  Came home from work and ran to the store and my sister and I cooked dinner. 🙂 We had Lil Smokies in BBQ sauce (stubbs), mashed potatoes, baked asparagas (our favorite), and green peas! 🙂 IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!  Last night we cooked also… Shonda made Tater Tot Dish, and I ran to the store, then steamed fresh broccoli and cooked green beans! 🙂 We are awesome! LOL!!!! 🙂

The old one is my sister. LOL!!!!!


I am so glad it’s TUESDAY NIGHT! That means tomorrow is Wednesday and there are only two more days left to work. LOL! 🙂  I LOVE my job SO stinkin much.. REALLY. But I just LOVE being home with Jude! I hate missing out on cute, fun stuff he does! As much as I love my job, I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be able to sell Scentsy, grow my business, and stay home with Jude. ONE OF THESE DAYS, IT WILL HAPPEN! 🙂 And you can help by Shopping HERE  Order by December 18th to get it in time for Christmas!

This warmer is ADORABLE and it’s the Warmer of the month…. Check it out, all lit up! 🙂 It’s 10% off!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO! 🙂


So, when we were little, we had a Christmas Tradition… Before we opened presents, we’d Sing and pray (we still do that), but back then we were always in Christmas programs at church. So if we had a singing or speaking part in the play, we had to do it then for the family. 🙂 Well, as we got older, none of us were in programs anymore… So I decided I needed to do a monologue. 🙂 I did this one……………………………………………………………………………. (I can not be to blame for the HORRIBLE quality of this video.. It’s the only one I could find!)

I wish there was a better video.. But oh well!

While looking for this one, I found a video clip from The Santa Clause 2…. My niece always told me this reminded her of me.. LOL! I don’t think that’s a compliment, but I think it’s hilarious!


I’ve actually probably done that.. On a date.. LOL! 🙂


I was thinking last night about life, where I was and where I am now… I realized the 7th was 3 years since I got out of the worst relationship I have ever been in. And actually it’s ALL thanks to ONE person…. One person changed the whole relationship, my WHOLE life. If this ONE person hadn’t shown up when she did, I don’t know where I’d be. The night everything went down, I’d been texting my best friend before going to bed.  Telling her I HAD to get out of the relationship. But I didn’t know how. And my boyfriend at the time was leaving in the morning to go work out of town for several months. I was to stay at the house we were living in and take care of the dogs. She told me she’d pray for me.. Pray for an opening.. We agreed we’d pray for an out.  I HAD NO clue that God would answer so quickly!  Just a few hours later, there was frantic knocks on our bedroom window.. the door bell ringing, and then the ringing of his cell phone. It was a HORRIBLE night, but then again, not really. MOST people would be FURIOUS to be woken up in the middle of the night.. By another woman who has been seeing your boyfriend. Currently. LOL! I was upset because of the betrayal. But not the ending of the relationship! I PRAYED For it and it was Answered! 🙂

My relationship at that time had been CRAZY! We’d break up and get back together. Break up, get back together. It was over and over. There were things about him that scared me. I was living in a sinful relationship.. I’d just found out I was pregnant two weeks before. I wanted to change my life. I wanted to live for God. But my circumstances seemed to be drowning me. I was ALLOWING them to do so. The only thing I knew how to do was pray.. So I did. And I KNOW my family was praying for me. And God answered. In a big way. Although this one person hates me. Harasses me. Stalks me. Bullies me. I am grateful. She was an answer to my prayers that night.  I think of how my life would be had that all not taken place. Where I would be…. It scares me to death. Literally. That life I was leading was scary. Drinking almost every night. Smoking AT LEAST a pack a day… Sometimes closer to two packs. With a man with a major dark side..   But Jesus SAVED me! Physically and Spiritually! THANK YOU JESUS FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!! When you think you’re at the bottom, and no one, especially Jesus doesn’t care… HE DOES! He’s just waiting there for YOU to reach out to Him. He never leaves us. WE leave him. What a stupid, foolish thing to do! Being a Christian is NOT the easiest thing to do. It’s difficult. BUT, NOT being a Christian is WAY worse!!! There’s SO much heartache and pain in life. How do you EVER overcome it without Christ?  I  just can’t imagine. Actually, I can. I’ve been there, done that, bought the shirt. It’s not fun. It’s a whole lot harder doing it your own way. Trust me on that one!

Are you in a bad relationship? Wanting to get out, but don’t know how? I’ve been there. It’s hard. P R A Y! ASK family or friends for help! Trust me, staying in an awful relationship is NOT worth it at all!!! I am so blessed and truly happy since I got out, and came back to Christ! 🙂

I heard a song today that I am IN LOVE with… It’s called TORN by Tenth Avenue North. It’s amazing! And sums up how I’ve felt ALOT over thepast 3 years. I KNOW I am not the only one reading this who has felt this way before…. REad the lyrics.. Listen to the song…..


I’m Tired I’m worn My heart is heavy From the work it takes To keep on breathing I’ve made mistakes I’ve let my hope fail My soul feels crushed By the weight of this world
And I know that you can give me rest So I cry out with all that I have left
Let me see redemption win Let me know the struggle ends That you can mend a heart That’s frail and torn I wanna know the sun can rise From the ashes of a broken life And all that’s dead inside can be reborn Cause I’m worn
I know I need to lift my eyes up But I’m too weak Life just won’t let up And I know that you can give me rest So I cry out with all that I have left
Let me see redemption win Let me know the struggle ends That you can mend a heart That’s frail and torn I wanna know the sun can rise From the ashes of a broken life And all that’s dead inside can be reborn Cause I’m worn
My prayers are wearing thin And I’m worn Even before the day begins I’m worn I’ve lost my will to fight I’m worn Heaven come and flood my eyes
Let me see redemption win Let me know the struggle ends That you can mend a heart That’s frail and torn I wanna know the sun can rise From the ashes of a broken life And all that’s dead inside can be reborn Cause all that’s dead inside will be reborn
Though I’m worn Yeah I’m worn
Isn’t that an amazing song!? Have you felt that way? Maybe you’re feeling that way today?? You have to know THERE IS HOPE! 🙂 It can only be found in Jesus Christ!  I hope you know Him as your personal Lord and Savior!
SO……. There’s all my ramblings! LOL!! 🙂 WOW! That was a lot! But, maybe someone out there NEEDED to hear that? To know they aren’t alone, no matter what they are going through? I hope this helped you in some way.  I love you guys! Thanks for Reading!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Too much randomness

  1. Great post! I’m thankful you got out of that relationship too! Love you, you are awesome!

  2. Proud of you! Love you bunches!

  3. I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT! You’re an inspiration! Love you!

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