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A Wonderful Christmas

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Hey guys!!!!!  How’s it going????  Pretty good here! I am just getting ready to go to bed! 🙂

How was y’alls Christmas??  Ours was great! Things didn’t go as planned… But we survived! LOL!!!!!

Christmas Eve we got out to my PawPaw’s house about 3pm….  STarted getting everything unloaded, and food prepared, then we ate dinner.. As usual, Christmas Eve dinner consists of sandwiches, chips, dips, and junk food. LOL! 🙂 After dinner we sat around the living room and my sweet PawPaw read the Christmas story from the Bible.  After that we prayed, and then we opened presents!!! 🙂  We had a blast! Jude got into unwrapping this year! 🙂 He unwrapped ALL of his gifts in record time! LOL!! He got some GREAT gifts!!! Cozy Coupe, Thinking Chair, spinner tooth brush, etc! 🙂 I got GREAT gifts myself!!!! I got my AMAZING sleek palette I posted about awhile back! I also got an E.L.F Eyeshadow palette.. This one was “from Jude”.. LOL! It’s great.. 144 colors! HELLO!!!! 🙂


I haven’t used it yet, but I swatched a few colors and they are VERY pigmented! We’ll see how well they wear! I am planning on using this tomorrow for work! 🙂

I also got socks, Cuddleduds FLEECE leggings to wear underneath my pants for work….. It’s been SUPER cold, especially in the mornings, so I freeze to death! EEEEEEEEK! 🙂  I got money, and gift cards as well! 🙂 LOVE IT! I am going to have a fun time shopping! One gift card was for Permier Cinemas! YEAH! I Am dying to see The Hobbit, and Les Mes! MAYBE I’ll finally be able to see them! What are some your favorite Christmas gifts you received this year???? ANYWAYS.. Christmas Eve night Shonda, and also Kayla’s family, and her Father In Law, drove back to Lubbock so they could do their family Christmas at their house the next morning…. They were going to drive back out to PawPaw’s at lunch time.  Well, we wake up on Christmas morning to S N O W! WOOOT WOOOOT! I was SUPER excited! But, apparently the roads were SUPER bad between Lubbock and Tahoka! My brother in law is from Maine and knows how to drive on ice and snow, but said it was REALLY bad.. They got about halfway and passed a truck that was turned upside down, so they decided to turn around.  Christmas lunch TOTALLY sucked without all of them there! We ate lunch and decided to head home as well just in case the roads got real bad again. We made it back home, no issues!!! 🙂 WHEW!!!!!!  Jude was WORN out! He napped until 6pm yesterday! LOL! He’d been playing like a maniac for two days! LOL!


I was going to go shopping today, but I have been sick for severa days and instead of getting better, I just seem to get worse! I stay up all night coughing and I have terrible sinus pain and pressure. UGH!!!!!!! I just can hardly stand it! 😦  My family keeps telling me I should try the Netti Pot, but I just can’t.. It disgusts me. LOL!!!!! Oh well! I’ll just continue to take billions of vitamins and hope for the best! LOL! 🙂 I am REALLY Praying Jude doesn’t get sick!!!! I’ve been giving him extra vitamins, and praying! So we’ll see!!  Anyways, instead of going shopping, we stayed in. I did boat loads of laundry, TRIED to clean my room some.. LOL! It’s a DISASTER! I have TONS of Jude’s toys and clothes he doesn’t wear/use anymore I have GOT to get rid of! They are DRIVING ME CRAZY!

Sunday, we decided to go to the church after lunch and take family pics… While sitting around waiting, Brynne and I took a few. LOL! 🙂



This pic is just me because Brynne hated her part in the pic, but I thought I looked HOT! LOL! 🙂 I am such a nerd.

So I am still looking for a GOOD pair of boots… I’m talking rubber soles, water resistent.. But still REAL cute!  I posted about those cute Bear Traps boots… I went to DSW and tried some on, but they weren’t right… I need A GOOD pair of boots! Help me out! LEave a comment or email me! shu1079@yahoo.com

Well, I guess that’s it for tonight! I have to get up and go to work after being off work several days… Blech! LOL! 🙂  I love y’all! I hope y’all have a wonderful night!!!! Comment with your info on boots PRETTY PLEASE! Or email, of course! 🙂





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