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The End Of a Great Week!

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HEY HEY!!!!!!! What’s going on? I am laying here watching Serendipity. 🙂 I’ve always disliked this movie, but decided to watch it again. LOL! It just has too many awesome people in it. LOVE, LOVE Jeremy Piven and John Cusack!

Anyways…. I’ve had a GREAT week! 🙂  Didn’t go back to work until Thursday..  It was a slow day. SO I boxed up files and that kind of thing. I had a WONDERFUL coffee date with this handsome man…….


Today work was GREAT!!!!!!  I got a lot accomplished!! Had lunch with my old roomie and her family….  I haven’t seen them since 2007!! It’s been SUCH A long time! We have the kind of friendship where we can pick up where we left off… We had such a great lunch! Too bad we couldn’t stay longer!!!!!  Hopefully it’s not another 5 years before we see each other again!!!!! That’s just ridiculous!!!! LOVE, LOVE you!!! 🙂


The rest of the day went GREAT! Got off work, came home and played with Jude, ate breakfast for dinner… (eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy! Yummmy!) After dinner, I decided I wanted to relax some and take a bath……….  Just not really possible with a two year old in the house. LOL!!! I told Mom I was taking a bath and ran in and locked the door.  Within minutes, Jude was at the door crying and kicking it. L-O-L! Crazy kid! Baths USED to be SO relaxing……. Sigh! Oh well!!! 🙂

I am SO glad it’s the weekend, although today did NOT feel like Friday! Felt more like Tuesday or Wednesday!!!! And next week I work Monday, and then I’m off Tuesday, then go back for the week. 🙂 I love it!!! I LOVE, LOVE my job!! 🙂 No MAJOR plans this weekend.. My nephew has a basketball game tomorrow…. I REALLY wanna go shopping!!! I have Christmas Money and Gift cards to spend!!!!

I almost forgot!!!!  Everyone does those Instagram challenges… My sister and I are going to make our OWN! 🙂 I’ll post it if we do and EVERYONE can do it… Got it? I always get about halfway through and then quit. LOL!

What are y’all doing for New Years Eve?  Any big plans?  As of right now, I have NO plans.. Sad, right? LOL! I am SURE something will come up though. LOL! 🙂

Anyways…. That’s it! Good week.  Expecting a great weekend! I hope y’all do too!!!!!!!!




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