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A Little Motivation

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Hey everyone! How’s it going??  Things are pretty good over here.  Work was busy today!!! And depending on the weather, it will be busy tomorrow too! We’re supposed to have rain, snow, thunderstorms… All kinds of stuff tomorrow! When it rains and snows, I can’t do my job. LOL!!!! I guess we’ll see…….

Tonight after work, we went up to the church to watch my nephews basketball game.  They won! WOOOOOT!!! 🙂 My boy LOVES basketball, so at half time, one of the grandpa’s for a kid on the team, came up and got Jude and took him out to the court and let him play. LOL! He thought that was the bomb.com! LOL!!!! He’d look at everyone and make sure we were watching.. The funny thing was.. Everyone was watching him and they’d yell and clap for him. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂 Hilarious! My son *MAY* be a basketball star! 🙂

It’s time to get S E R I O U S about my goals this year! No more slacking off!!!!!!! I have a Scentsy Online Party going right now that’s actually going REALLY well!!! 🙂 I need more though! So if you want to host a party, I’d love to help ya out! 🙂 E-Mail me @ shu1079@yahoo.com  I started organizing part of my closet, but need to do the other half.. The side with ALL of my Scentsy stuff!  I REALLY need my sweet OCD cousin Jessi to come organize it for me. Too bad she’s like 1,800 miles away.. Sigh!

This morning in our sales meeting, my boss spoke about getting MOTIVATED in our line of business. He played a clip from the AMAZING movie, Facing the Giants.. I LOVE that movie, and I ALWAYS cry at the clip he showed. LOL! It TRULY is motivating and it’s made me REALLY want to get my Scentsy business ROCKIN AND ROLLIN!!! Check out the clip! If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s MOST DEFINITELY a MUST SEE! 🙂


I’ve decided I want to learn to play golf!!!! Now.. I need all the stuff, including the cool pants, and someone to teach me! 🙂 Now… Who’s in!?? When I was married, I went with my then hubby and got to hit a few times… It seemed fun. But there were alot of people behind us, so I didn’t get to really play. He took me to the driving range a few times too and that was fun… It needs to warm up a bit, but seriously, closer to Spring, I need someone to take me out and teach me!!!!


I got a new phone case this week! I AM LOVING IT!! 🙂


When I ordered this case for myself, I also ordered Jude some new Jumbo Crayons for his Blues Clues Handy Dandy Notebook! 🙂  He Loves them! He only had one, so now he has 5! And they sent me an extra box, so if these break, he has back up crayons!! YEAH!!!!!! These are the exact ones we got!!!


Our office has a BIG awards banquet EVERY year.. It’s a big to do.. Everyone dresses up, the food is delicious, etc… Well guess what, ladies and gentlemen???  THIS YEAR I HAVE A DATE!! WHOOOP WHOOOOOP! 🙂 We’ll have a wonderful time! 🙂 Be jealous!

There is a song I’ve heard a TRILLION times..  I’ve always loved it, but today it hit me in a different way than usual…..

The lyrics are amazing.. The tune is amazing.. I love the song.. There’s a line in the song that says

I know my Redeemer
He lives
To take away my shame
And He lives
Forever I’ll proclaim
That the payment for my sins
Was the precious life He gave
Now He’s alive and
There’s an empty grave

Now, if you’ve never done anything “shameful” you won’t fully understand.. Everyone knows my relationship and my lifestyle a few years ago.. It was shameful. I did things I am not proud of. I acted in ways I am definitely not proud of.. Sometimes even now, I feel the shame creep up. I know it’s not from God.. It’s from Satan trying to make me feel like I haven’t changed, or that I am not forgiven, even though I know I am… But this song is SUCH an amazing reminder!! MY REDEEMER LIVES TO TAKE AWAY MY SHAME! WOW!!!!!!! Is that an amazing statement or what!? I seem to REALLY get close to God while driving. I listen to the radio, pray, worship, etc. Today, while driving this song came on and I was just in aw of what He has done. He’s taken my shame completely away so that I don’t have to be burdened with it. I have to rebuke Satan when he tries to bring it back up. It’s a daily struggle. I don’t know if that’s normal or not…. But daily through music and His presence in my life, I am reminded that I am no longer that sinful, shameful person I once was.  So…. Maybe this was meant for someone else as well? Maybe you’re carrying around guilt and shame for past things? Have you repented and asked for forgiveness? Then you should no longer identify yourself with that shame and guilt. You aren’t that person anymore. When we repent and ask for forgiveness, The Bible says he spreads them as far as the East is from the West…  That’s Psalms 103:12 (as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions) Ummm.. That’s a LONG, LONG, LONG distance!! Aren’t we glad He does that?! Whew!  Click the link below and listen to the song… I love it.. It’s one of my very favorites EVER!



That’s enough for tonight!  I hope y’all enjoyed my post tonight… And I hope it helped whoever it was supposed to help! 🙂


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