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Hey Hey! What’s going on??  I am just hanging out while Jude naps! 🙂

Not a whole lot going on this weekend.  Last night my nephew had a basketball game.. They won! WOOOOT! 🙂 Then Jude and I grabbed some Raisin Canes and came home. HILARIOUSLY though, we couldn’t get out of the car. We pull up and there are THREE huge dogs in our yard. One was a mutt, one was a BEAUTIFUL Harlequin Great Dane (I would have loved to have kept her!), and the third was a PIT! Ummmm, no thanks! LOL!!!! Kayla and Kelbey pulled up at the same time… We sat in our cars yelling, clapping, and honking @ 930 at night. LOL! 🙂 It was quite a sight, I’m sure! FINALLY they ran around back so we TOOK OFF! After sitting in our cars acting like totally dorks for about 15 minutes, we got inside. LOL! HAd it just been the Dane, I wouldn’t have been so nervous. She had a collar and tag.. And Danes are generally great with people! But I wasn’t going ANYWHERE near that Pit Bull. LOL!!!

harlequin great dane

Anyways..Today we have just hung out.  Dad took the day off and so he and Jude have been watching basketball games on tv. HAHAHAHA! 🙂 After Jude wakes up we’ll get out of the house.  I desperately need to go to the store and Kohls!!!!  And Ulta.. LOL!! I have gift cards I STILL haven’t spent! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!??!  I need to get out there and spend them!

Scentsy is going great! I’ve got an online party going on right now and it’s generating some Good sales!!!! 🙂 YEAH! It’s so exciting!  I have some MAJOR stuff coming up soon and it’s going to be costing me a LOT of money!!!!! I need to get my booty in gear and sell Scentsy like crazy! Who’s going to help? Host a party? Buy from a party? Join my team?? PLEASE DO! 🙂 Just go to https://sherilync.scentsy.us  While you’re there, check out our AWESOME charitable Cause Warmer called CHAMPION….. Help the next generation of Special Olympics athletes reach for the stars with Scentsy’s newest Charitable Cause Warmer. Through February 28, 2013, Scentsy will donate $8 (USD) from the sale of each Champion Warmer to Special Olympics International.


We’ve also got our BRING BACK MY BAR Scents that are ONLY available THIS MONTH! After January, they’re gone and who knows when they’ll be back….


I am currently warming You Go, Girl! It is DELICIOUS! 🙂 I LOVE it!!! There are a few that I REALLY like!!! Just Peachy, Ginger smells HEAVENLY! I like Inner Peace, Tahiti Pear, Wild Black Cherry, Spiced Orange Harvest, Coconut Palm is AMAZING! Check them out for yourself! You can get one for $5, 3 for $14 or you can do the 6 for $25! SUCH A GREAT DEAL!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE buy from me!! Just click HERE to go to my website and place an order! 🙂

I am pretty excited about church tomorrow! I am not involved in any classes or anything but I feel like Ia m kinda in my own place… I don’t know a lot of single moms in the church… BUT a new class just started… FOR SINGLE MOMS!!!  I am so excited to see what it’s all about! I hope there are alot of other moms in there! I need to get plugged in for sure!!!!!


Well, Jude is up and we’re going shopping!!  I hope y’all have a GREAT rest of the weekend!!!




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