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Hey guys! What’s going on? I just sitting here while Jude sleeps… He is SICK, SICK, SICK! My boy is a strong healthy boy. When he gets sick, it’s usually a runny nose and cough and that’s it. I up his vitamins and he gets better.  Well, he started coughing on Tuesday. I upped his vitamins, but he’s been getting worse. Yesteday he got a fever of 102.3. He’s never had any fever reducing meds. But last night he kept moaning and crying out. So I gave him Advil. He slept OK for awhile. But then after 1am was up ALL NIGHT. Coughing and crying. This morning he was MISERABLE! Fever, cough, lethargic. I took him to a clinic and found out he has an ear infection (his very first one!) and RSV. 😦 My Poor baby!!!! He’s never been on an antibiotic, but we got one for his ear infection. Unfortunately, RSV is a virus and antibiotics don’t work on that. 😦  So he’ll just have to get over it. He’s sleeping now, and has been off and on for the past two hours. 😦 I H A T E it.  Before becoming a Mom, I never would have been able to imagine what it feels like to have a sick kid.  It’s HEARTBREAKING. And Scary. And Nerve Wracking. It’s a feeling that I really CAN’T full describe! But it’s awful, really! Sigh!  He just woke up and ate a popsicle.  He’s acting okay right now… AUGH! LOL!! I am hoping tonight he’ll sleeo well and wake up feeling refreshed and much better!! I am not hoping.. I am PRAYING!!!!!!!!!

I am bummed he’s so sick.. One reason is selfish.. I REALLY wanted to go to the Single Mom’s bible study at church. Oh well! There’s always next week!   I am REALLY hoping I don’t get sick now.  He coughs ALL over my face, drinks and eats after me, kisses me on the face and lips. It will be a miracle if I DON’T get sick. But I am praying I don’t. Monday night is our big Awards Banquet, and if y’all remember… I have a HOTTTTTT date for it! LOL!!!!! 🙂  We’re gonna have a fun time! I have to go shop for a dress tomorrow!!!! EEEEEK!  I have NO clue what I am looking for either!!!!! Oh well!! Hopefully I find something cute… and not too spendy!


I started reading the Bible again the other day… I got out of the habit and I have to admit, I haven’t read it in a LONG time.  My cousin started reading it this year again, and she kind of inspired me to start reading. LOL! (Thanks, Jessi). So, I started at the beginning. It’s amazing the things you learn even when you’ve read it a hundred times. My cousin and I talk every day, and we’ve been talking about the craziness in the Bible. LOL! One thing I TOTALLY can’t wrap my head around is the Flood… God found ONLY Noah (and his family) to be righteous to save. WHAT?! You mean out of ALL The people on the Earth at that time, NO ONE BUT NOAH WAS RIGHTEOUS!? Is that crazy or what?! I wonder how many people were on the Earth at that time… It’s just INSANE to me! I can’t understand it! But I guess that’s how it is… We’re not MEANT to understand it all!!! LOL!!!  Now I’m just rambling.. LOL!

Anyways.. .

Scentsy is going really well!!!! I am having SO MUCH FUN! I am “leading the pack” in my team! WOOT WOOT!  I think there are like 50 women on my team and my director said I was leading in sales! WOW! That’s exciting!!! I had one online party that did SUPER DUPER, and I just opened up ANOTHER online party today! Here’s to hoping it’s a Great one too!! 🙂  REMEMBER…. BRING BACK MY BAR is only available THIS MONTH! TWENTY AWESOME DISCONTINUED SCENTS BACK FOR ONE MONTH! Actually just a couple more weeks!!! EEEEEK! Order yours RIGHT NOW!  A few of my favorites are You Go Girl, Inner Peace, Coconut Palm, and Just Peachy, Ginger! YUUUUUUUMMMMMM! Check out the list and place your order by clicking the link below……


https://sherilync.scentsy.us and you can put your order in with either of the two parties listed!

ANYWAYS…. I guess that’s it for today! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL rest of the weekend! Get to church tomorrow! 🙂 I hope you ALL Stay healthy! Wash your hands, cut out sugar, take vitamin D-3 and C, and get rest! 🙂 🙂

Love y’all!









2 thoughts on “SICKLY

  1. I need something to wear for Monday night too…. (See previous Facebook post) Ugh……..

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