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Hey Hey! What’s going on guys?  I am just sitting in bed watching The Backyardigans with Jude.. LOL! 🙂 This is really a cute show… I’m glad the shows he really likes aren’t annoying!!


How was y’alls weekend?  Mine was pretty good!  Friday night my nephew had a basketball game.. After that I rented GOOD DEEDS and watched that.. Great movie.. But then, what movie by Tyler Perry ISN’T great?  He’s So beautiful! LOL!


Tyler Perry

Saturday, my brother in law came and got Jude and took him for donuts and a hair cut! 🙂 They had a blast and were gone for a couple hours, so I ran to Wal*Mart and watched tv…..  Then later I met up with a woman who found me on Craigslist and bought a Scentsy PlugIn! 🙂 SCORE! I am LOVING it!!!!!

Saturday night we had a suprise birthday for my brother in law! 🙂  We had a pretty good turnout! Mom made his favorite cake.. It was delicious and so cute! 🙂 We stayed there until about 9 or 930!

Sunday we went to church, then home for lunch with the fam as usual. That night we had a Hymn Fest at church! 🙂 Those are always fun! I LOVE old hymns, and we sang one of my favorites, Victory In Jesus!!!! Doesn’t get much better than that!!! 🙂

So.. last week I ordered myself a Valentine’s Day present.. 🙂 I was SO excited about it.. I order stuff from EBay ALL the time.. And I’ve ordered perfume a few times and I’ve ALWAYS had a good experience. Well. Saturday I got my order.. a 3.4oz bottle of J’adore eau de parfum.. It retails for $115 and I found it for $40… Or so I thought… My Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy was retailed at $90 and i got it for $36.. It was the real deal. Well, this one was not real. AUGH! The color was dark yellow.. The lid was brassy and weird.. AUGH! I got a fake! I actually googled the color and a review from someone else popped up.. her bottle described was JUST like mine! So, I emailed the seller and they are issuing me a full refund! You have to be careful on EBay, and I know that.. I was just SO freaking excited! I just discovered this scent.. Although I know it’s been around for a long time! Oh well. I’ll try again! 🙂


Now what am I supposed to do for Valentine’s day!??! LOL!


Scentsy is going great! I actually have three girls interested in joining.. One is supposed to join this weekend! EEEEEEEK! 🙂   I am SO excited to grow my team! YEAH!!!!!!!! If you’ve ever considered selling Scentsy, NOW IS THE TIME! Seriously! Contact me for more information!!!!!!! Comment below! 🙂

Anyways.. I guess that’s it. I need to get to bed! I hope y’all have a great evening! 🙂






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