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Valentine’s Day Shmalentine’s Day

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Hey guys!! What’s going on?  I just took a shower, and now I am watching MADE OF HONOR.. I LOVE PATRICK DEMPSEY! 🙂 This is one of my faves for sure! 🙂

Today was a GOOD day.  Work was good, my appointment after work was good, dinner was good… LOL! Just a good day!

Jude and I went to the store and got a few things and came home and I cooked dinner. I cooked ham steaks, rotini noodles, and broccoli. Jude loves it, and quite frankly, so do I. Oh and all separate. LOL! Not all together, although, I bet that would be good. LOL!!!!! 🙂 I love me some ham!

Tomorrow is VALENTINE’S DAY. Do y’all have big plans?? I don’t. I am sure it will be the same as every other day. LOL! When you’re single and have a two and a half year old.. You don’t usually get BIG dates for Valentine’s day! LOL! I haven’t really done anything for Jude this year… He’s two… And it’s not a huge Holiday. I’ll get him a little something, but nothing big. He doesn’t know the difference right now. 🙂 LOL! And if I don’t get something for Valentine’s Day, neither does he!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! TOTALLY kidding! 🙂 I’ll probably get him some M&M’s or something… Nothing major and he’ll be hapy.. LOL!

Today is my niece’s birthday!!!!!!! She is 11 years old! SO CRAZY! And so wonderful! She wasn’t expected to live 11 years… Well, that was one thing we were told. She has Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome! But you’d never know it! She’s practically perfect! WOOT WOOT! 🙂 She is our little miracle girl! She is crazy, hilarious, full of life, and a CRAZY diva! LOL!  We are SO blessed by her and I am thankful she is doing so well!!!!! 🙂

My nephew played his last bball game of the season last night and they won! They all played so well!!! Especially ny nephew, of course! 🙂  He is the best! I love to watch him play! Too bad we have to wait so long to see him in action again! Hopefully he’ll play this Summer alot!!!!!!


I totally forgot that I still have a gift card to the new theater in town! I was originally REALLY wanting to see Les Mis or the Hobbit but I never got the chance! Being a Mom has TOTALLY put a damper on my social life… LOL! LOL! 🙂  Oh well! I enjoy it! I’ll get to a movie one of these days… And rent The Hobbit and Les Mis. LOL! 🙂

well, It’s after midnight and I am TIRED! I hope y’all have a GREAT night and a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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