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Ducks, Blizzards, and the GALAXY

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What’s going on guys!?  I am just laying here watching DUCK DYNASTY. 🙂  This show is freaking ridiculously hilarious! LOL! I was SO against this show for the longest time! But my family watches it and loves it and I watched one FULL episode and was hooked! LOL! Jase is my favorite. Sarcastic and adorable. LOL! Uncle Si is ALOT like my Daddy.. Says the most ridiculous things! LOL! LOL! 🙂  Do y’all watch it? My little sister, Brynne, SAYS she watched one episode and she hated it… She said she’d never watch it again.. WE made her wtach a little bit of it tonight and she laughed.. We’re wearing her DOWN! 🙂




This weekend was pretty good! Friday work was great. Saturday, we slept in, then went to lunch at Raisin’ Canes! YUMMMM! Jude and I came home so he could nap, and then we went to dinner at Carino’s with some DEAR friends!!! It was great!!! Today we went to church, then had lunch here at home together. My nephew’s birthday is tomorrow so he chose our meal today.. Brisket, potato salad, macaroni salad, collard greens, brocoli, cauliflower… HELLO! AMAZING!!!!!!! I got Casey an awesome pair of Nike Elite socks. They were orange and black. 🙂 And I gave him money. These socks are RIDIC! $15 for a pair of socks… He’s got 7 pairs. LOL! These are the ones I got him……


Am I a good Aunt, or what?! LOL! 🙂



So, I am currently in a dilema. I can’t decide which phone to get.  I am trying to decide between an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  What Do Y’ALL Think??  I’ve been reading review after review, and I’ve even watched a few videos (nerd alert!!!) HAHAHAHA! I am going to actually play with them in store this week and then maybe I’ll be able to make a decision! MOST people say iPhone 5. But I think a lot of people say that just because it’s an APPLE product. I like the idea of the Note 2 because it IS bigger, the S Pen, the Jelly Bean is supposed to be better than the ios6 or whatever Apple has. If you have the Note 2, comment and let me know whatcha think!




So, this afternoon it was in the 70’s… And we’re under a BLIZZARD WARNING! WHAT?!  They’re saying anywhere from 1 inch to something like 8 or 13 or something. HAHAHA! I’m sure if we get ANY snow, it will be the 1 inch! It’s getting cold… It’s now 36 degrees.. But I REALLY doubt LUBBOCK, TX will get a BLIZZARD! HAHAHAHA! Oh well! I DO hope it snows!!! 🙂  I can’t work when it snows. WOOT WOOT! LOL! We’re already going in late tomorrow! BAM! 🙂 I’d LOVE to stay home with Jude tomorrow! That would R O C K! 🙂 I could clean my room and make Scentsy calls! LOL!

Jude and I talked about snow before he went to bed… I REALLY hope it snows!!!!!! I LOVE IT! EEEEEEEEEK! 🙂


Can you imagine seeing snow like that picture??? WOWZERS!!!! LOL!


Well………. I guess I’d better go! I hope y’all hav ea GREAT night, and a WONDERFUL Monday! 🙂






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