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A Productive Day!

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Hey guys! What’s going on?  I am just sitting here putting in Scentsy orders, and watching The Bachelor– The Ladies Tell All. 🙂

How was y’alls weekend?  Mine was pretty good! Friday I had a GREAT Scentsy party at a Cardilogy office here in town.  It was AWESOME and my sweet hostess is getting some AMAZING rewards!!!!!!!!  Scentsy Parties are SO much fun!!! Have you ever had one?  Would you like to have one? If you’re local, we can do a home party… Not local?  No Problem! We can do an online party They’re a blast! E-Mail me if you’re interested! shu1079@yahoo.com  My little sister has an online party going right now! WOOOO HOOO! 🙂  Saturday we were lazy for the most part! Jude wasn’t feeling real well.. Had a stuffy nose and cough. I “cleaned” some.. But mostly played with Jude. 😉  Sunday of course the family came over for lunch and then we played outside some. Jude has missed spending a lot of time outdoors!!!!!!!

Today work was pretty good! Not TOO busy, but not slow either! I also got other things done… I washed and vacuumed my NASTY Car… Man this car was DIRTY! BLECH! Now it’s all clean.. Inside and out! 🙂 I went to Municipal Court and took care of my Defensive Driving deal. THEN I went to my LEAST favorite place.. The DMV! UGH! I have been putting it off for FOREVER because I didn’t want to go there. There’s always a RIDICULOUS wait. My sister went recently and had to wait TWO HOURS! AUGH! WHo has time for that!???! But today I went.. Only waited about 30-45 minutes! WHEW! BUT…. And this is an EPIC fail on my part… I didn’t wear make up today. I was in line and remembered I didn’t wear any! BLECH! I HATE my face without make up. I just didn’t have time to put it on this morning before work. Oh well. I was already in line.. No way was I leaving! LOL! I am glad I got that out of the way!

Tonight Jude and I Played outside then ate ROSAS for dinner! YUMMMMMMMY! 🙂 Now Jude is sound asleep in his bed! 🙂  We got him some new bedding last week.  HE picked it out… 🙂  It’s so cute!


Duck Dynasty started back up this past week!! It did not disappoint! LOL! It was absoutely HYSTERICAL!!!!! 🙂 I am readlly want to read their book. My cousin read it and said it’s awesome. I think I am going to get it from Amazon! Have y’all read it!??!


I found this picture of WILLIE and his family.. Can we say HOTTIE?? Would you ever guess that was under ALL that hair!? LOL!


Anyways! I guess that’s it. I havne’t blogged in awhile and this is all I got! well, I have more.. But I can’t post it here because SOME people don’t need to know all my business! 🙂

I hope y’all have a fabulous night!!!!!!





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