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HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!  What’s going on???  I am just siting here watching “Here Comes The Boom”.. It just started! I LOVE Kevin James, so I know it is gonna be a good one! 🙂  I am off work the rest of the weekend, so I rented three movies… this one, Taken 2, and Playing For Keeps. 🙂 🙂 Now we’ll see if I actually get to watch them all. LOL! 🙂 I remember the days before Jude when I just watched movies ALL the time… I saw movies in the theaters all the time, and I watched movies in bed all weekend.  Now I’m lucky to watch ANY movies period. LOL! Oh well!!!!!


This has been a GREAT Week!!!! My Scentsy PRV is through the roof, my two recruits are doing great, and today…. TODAY I PROMOTED TO LEAD CONSULTANT!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Is that exciting or what?! 🙂  I’ve been working towards LEAD for awhile now and I am SO happy, and PROUD of myself and my team!!!  Next up is STAR! 🙂 My team is rockin and rollin’! It’s definitely been a GREAT month! I love praying out loud at night with Jude and then being able to tell him that Jesus is answering prayers! We pray for Scentsy EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! Today I got to tell him that Jesus was helping us and answering our prayers!! I love it!!!!!

I am SO lovin’ Scentsy!!!!  My newest recruit has her big LAUNCH Party this coming week! I am SUPER excited for her!!!! It’s going to be GREAT!!!!!

JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!!!!! You pay only $99 plus tax and you get a MAJOR Starter Kit! 🙂 It’s EVERYTHING you need to kick off your Business!!!!!



This weekend is going to be GREAT!  Tomorrow everyone is coming over and we’re coloring Easter Eggs!!!!! Jude and I need to go find something for him to wear for Easter Sunday!  Saturday we’re going to our church Easter Egg Hunt, then later my Uncle’s Birthday Dinner, and my Aunt and Uncle will be in town from Oklahoma. Then Sunday we have church, and then Easter Lunch and Easter egg hunt at home! 🙂  It’s going to be a BUSY weekend, but a GREAT one!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear our church Easter musical!!!! I LOVE Easter!  I love the fact that Jesus ROSE from the Dead! 🙂 He suffered and died on a cross and rose again JUST for us! Even if I’d been the ONLY person on the Earth, He STILL would have died on the cross for ME! How amazing is that to think about!?



Anyways…..  I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all have a FABULOUS weekend! I hope you guys can make it to a church on Sunday to celebrate!!! 🙂



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