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WOW! What an amazing weekend we’ve had!!! And it’s ending PERFECTLY! 🙂  Jude is passed out, sound asleep becuase he didn’t nap today, I am blogging and watching Taken 2 and about to fold some laundry!  We’ve had SUCH A fun weekend! So as y’all know, Friday I was off work!  That was CRAZY exciting! LOL! 🙂  We hung out at the house, colored Easter Eggs, delivered Scentsy,  and went shopping.  Then Friday night, we went to a Good Friday Service at church.  Man oh man was it good!  We sang some awesome songs, and then one lady sang one of my favorites, “I Bowed My Knees and Cried Holy”… It’s SUCH an amazing song! So strong and powerful!

Saturday we woke up and went to our church for the Easter Egg Hunt!:) It was SO MUCH FUN! 🙂 Jude had a blast, got some candy and played with the Easter Bunny. LOL! Even I took my picture with him! 🙂


After the hunt, we got lunch and went home and Jude took a nap.. I delivered Scentsy, came home, got ready, then we went out to my PawPaw’s house for dinner for my Uncle’s birthday!!!  Mom made steaks, shrimp, baked taters, green beans, carrots…. It was DELICIOUS! Well, all but the shrimp of course! LOL!  My PawPaw had THREE lawnmowers in the backyard, so Jude was in HEAVEN!! HAHA!  I also learned how to shoot a gun! (pic to follow soon!) That was fun! Everyone should know how to shoot a gun! You never know when you’ll need it!!!!!  🙂 🙂 We stayed out there and hung out until about 9pm and then came home.

This morning, I woke up early and got Jude’s basket together and got ready for church before waking Jude up. He LOVED his basket!  Then I got him dressed and we wen to church! Church was ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! MAN! The preaching was awesome, the singing was FANTASTIC, and my cousin gave his testimony and it was AMAZING! I truly felt the Holy Spirit this morning!!! I LOVE our church! We kinda have it all! 🙂  An AMAZINGLY Annointed pastor, a GREAT choir with AWESOME music… AWESOME people… It just doesn’t get much better than that!!!  Our church was overflowing this morning! They had to bring in chairs! I LOVE That!! I know some people ONLY Go to church on Easter and Christmas… But even if that’s it, they’re at least getting the Word. The seed is planted! Who knows what will happen!!!!! I LOVE EASTER! And for some reason, it was just SO much better this year!!!! Maybe it’s because Jesus has just seemed so real to me lately! I see Him working daily and it’s amazing!  I am SO blessed to be called a CHILD OF THE KING!!!! Christ DIED on the cross… Was tortured, beaten, humiliated, and crucified So that WE might have eternal life! He paid my debt. EVERY SINGLE CENT so that I didn’t have to. It’s AMAZING, and really too much to think about! I can’t even comprehend it all!!!!!!!  It’s absolutely mind blowing to think of the SHEER pain and torture he endured JUST FOR ME! AND FOR YOU!!!  But He did it because He Loves us! He loves us knowing that we’re not perfect. That we have sinned. That we might STILL mess up! He’s calling ALL of us to come to Him and lay ALL of our burdens, sins, problems, everything, down at the Cross he was slain on. He will take it from us and make us new!!!!! This morning we sang a song that I LOVE… Revelation Song… Listen to it! It’s amazing!



Anyone here watching “The Bible” on the History channel?  I haven’t watched it all… I’ve watched bits and pieces here and there. It seems pretty good, but really OFF target on A LOT of stuff… SO… I am going to go back and read it… I’m going to start with the New Testament though. So we’ll see just how off they REALLY are! 🙂


Anyways……  Scentsy is going G R E A T! I am loving it more and more every day! I am seriously having a BLAST! I have an online party that is going GREAT!!! It’s closing on Tuesday and I’ll be ACTIVE and then lots more! 🙂 🙂 I said March was my Month and it was…. Well.. SO IS APRIL! 🙂

This is the April Warmer of the Month! 🙂 It’s SO cute and PERFECT for Spring… And Perfect for TEACHERS!


It’s 10% off! Only $31.50! WOO HOO! Our scent of the month is SUNNY & SHARE… It’s a nice, clean light scent.. Here’s the description……. Sunny and Share is a sunny shore washed clean by a spring shower – soft sea air, golden citrus, and dewy driftwood scattered with white beach daisies.. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it!?!?!? GET YOURS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Order on my website and put it with ANY of my online parties!


I guess I’d better go… It’s getting LATE! I love you all and I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL night, and SUPER Monday! 🙂



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