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Fun Weekend With My Boy!

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Hey guys!  What’s going on?! Have y’all had a GREAT weekend!? I have! I can’t believe it’s almost over!!! 😦  It always goes by SO quickly!!!!

Friday I worked until about 545 and then went straight to the church.  My nephew’s school held their ATHLETIC BANQUET.  It was L-O-N-G!  Jude and I ended up leaving before it was over! The food was okay, the company was great (my family!) LOL!

Saturday I got up and met with my newest recruit, Lindsey.  We went to Starbucks. I got my favorite drink White Chocolate Mocha, and we trained for about an hour. She also closed out her Launch Party, making her ACTIVE! ALL THREE OF MY RECRUITS ARE ACTIVE for the month of April! How awesome is that?!?!??!? WOWOW!   GO GIRLS!  We are DEFINITELY rockin’ it this month!  WE need less than $1,000 between the three of us for the rest of the month for me to get STAR!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Do y’all think I can do it?!  I have an online party going right now, and I have a party next weekend at my friends Salon… That’s all I have in the works right now….  I know my girls have some stuff in the works as well, so we’ll see! EEEEEK! I am anxious! LOL!!!!!

Anyways… The rest of Saturday was fun.. My sister and her kids came over.. We basically hung out outside the whole day long! Jude was having a blast! He’s already getting a tan! 🙂 🙂 So cute!!!!!

Today we went to church and after church we had an ALL CHURCH DINNER! 🙂  One of the guys at our church cooked all of the food.. It was BBQ! We hung out around there for awhile and then came home. Jude took a nap, I watched “ENCHANTED” (LOVE THAT MOVIE!)




Anyways, after Jude woke up, we delivered some Scentsy and then went to the Mall! 🙂  I needed to buy Jude some pants, so we shopped a little and played a lot. 🙂 He loves the Fountain so we went there twice.. Sat forever. He played on the ridiculously over priced, germ infested little rides… And then we got DIPPIN’DOTS! My favorite!!!! 🙂 Of course we got some Jude would love, the Rainbow Ice ones.. NOT my favorite! LOL!!!! I prefer the plain chocolate ones.. They are to die for! Seriously! AUGH! 🙂 And I found out they now sell it over at Market Street on 98th and Quaker! EEEEEEK! LOL!!!


Now, we’re home & Jude is watching LAWN MOWING VIDEOS on Youtube… HAHAHAHAHA! 🙂  My son rocks! 🙂

I hope y’all had a FABULOUS weekend!!!!!!! It’s going to be a BUSY week!! Then Wednesday is Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day….  Our office ROCKS.. They’re taking us out to eat, and then we get the rest of the day off!! WOOT WOOT!!! I can’t wait! Gonna spend some time with my baby!!!! 🙂   I am definitely feeling B L E S S E D!! How about y’all!?!?

I hope y’all have a FABULOUS evening!!

Don’t forget to hop on over to my website and order some Scentsy… You know you want to! 🙂









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