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WHY in the world am I having SO much trouble thinking of title names?! GEEZE! I am SO not creative anymore! SIGH!!!!!! Oh well!


Hey everyone!!! What’s going on? I am watching the ONE HOUR SEASON FINALE Of Duck Dynasty!  I can’t believe it’s already over! So sad! 😦  This show is seriously cracking me up! I am trying not to laugh too loud because Jude is snoring over here. LOL! I don’t want to wake him up, but this is stinkin funny! Anyone that doesn’t think so has SERIOUS issues!!! LOL!!!!

What have y’all been doing this week?  Have y’all had a great one so far? It’s been pretty good for me! Work has been busy! Today was a good day! Worked hard, went to lunch with our bosses at the Lakeridge Country Club, got a little gift, and then were offered the opportunity to have the rest of the day off.  I couldn’t take off because I just had too mcuh to do, but that just means I get to take it another day! WOOOOOOT! 🙂 I really work for a WONDERFUL company with people who truly love and care for us. I am SUPER blessed! Tonight, Jude and I had to go deliver some Scentsy and then went through the Car Wash… NOT one of Jude’s favorite things. LOL! 🙂 I love getting my car washed though. 🙂  Then we came home and Jude played outside.  He is so sweet! I love how simple kids are… How simple they think.. I had a headache ALL afternoon. I told him my head hurt and he kissed it.  He then told me it didn’t hurt anymore.  Then I told him my neck hurt, and he kissed it and said it didn’t hurt anymore. 🙂  SUCH a sweetheart and so cute! 🙂

I have to tell y’all…. I am simply in love with Scentsy.  Have I said that lately?  LOL!!!! I am really having a WONDERFUL time selling it!!! Some of my favorite people to sell to? Men! They crack me up! MEN LOVE SCENTSY! I have SEVERAL men who buy from me… They’re hooked. I had a guy find me on Craigslist.. He bought a plug in and a scent from me, and then I lost his cell number with some other contacts… I also couldn’t remember where he lived.. DOH! I was pretty upset about it… Well last week I was driving for work and recognized his house! SCORE! So I left a book and a note on his doorstep. Guess who called that night? LOL! WOOOOOOT! Jude and I delivered some new scents to him tonight! I JUST LOVE IT!!!! Of course, I’ve had some guys say it’s too girly, etc… But I have to say, some of the most manly men love it! Have a guy in your life that you think would love it!? Let me know! Or maybe you’re a guy reading this and you’d like to try it out! Hit me up on here!!! You definitely WILL NOT regret it!!!!! Our May Warmer and Scent of the month is AMAZING! The scent is BUSINESS CASUAL…..


The Warmer is AWESOME! You choose the warmer, and you choose the frame. AND you can buy OTHER frames for only $7 so you can switch them out! HELLO!!!!! I LOVE this!


The warmer and frame is $35! It’s a GREAT price!!!!!! This warmer would make a WONDERFUL Father’s Day Gift!!!!!!!!!!!!


The rest of the week is gonna be busy with work and the weekend I have a Scentsy party at a friends Salon!!! 🙂  I am pretty stoked!!! I can’t wait to go! We’ll have a GREAT Time!!!!

I heard a question on KLOVE today… What is your favorite Line from a Worship song… The guy speaking told his and when I thought about it, it’s really one of mine too… It was from the song “Mighty To Save“… Check this out.. AMAZING!

Saviour he can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Forever author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

I love it! I do have several favorites, I am sure.  I just have to think about them….. I’ll let y’all know. What are YOUR favorites?!?!?! Let me know!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Worshop music so much!

Well… This is boring, but I’ve got to go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow!!!!!!! I’ve been so tired lately! Lsat night I fell asleep with Jude.. In my clothes AND boots! LOL!!!! AUGH! Ridiculous!

Love you guys! I hope y’all are having a GREAT week!!!!!!



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