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This One Is All About Scentsy!

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Hi Everyone! WHat’s going on!??  I am just hanging out in bed, watching Dr Phil! How’s y’alls week going so far? Mine is going pretty well.. It’s been VERY busy! Work is CRAZY!!!!!! I’m loving it, but man have I been busy!!!!! It’s Spring.. That’s what happens in my field!    I can’t complain.. It’s job security! 🙂

Well, I didn’t promote to STAR this month..  That’s okay though. Tomorrow is May 1st, and I’m closing out TWO parties! 🙂 I’ll be MORE than active… My girls on my team have some GOOD things going on… It’s going to be a WONDERFUL month! I have an event in a couple weeks with a bunch of other ladies here in town… All kinds of brands.. Vault denim, Rodan Field, BowJangles.. Etc.. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!!! If you want more information about it, please comment and ask about it! I’ll send you all the info! I can’t wait!!! Events are awesome and a great way to network and get more business!! 😀

Need a gift for Father’s Day?! I have JUST the thing!! This is going to be awesome! 🙂


So, check this out.. You can choose between two warmers.. Cream or Charcoal. THEN you can choose the frame.. There’s a Deer, a motorcycle, Golf ball, fish, and a man and his horse! 🙂 🙂  THESE ARE AWESOME!!!! These are available starting tomorrow!!! I have TWO parties closing tomorrow. SO.. Go to my website HERE and then click on one of my open parties and place your order!!!  PLUS, we still have the Mother’s Day Bundle!!!


If you order this tonight or tomorrow, you’ll get it for Mother’s Day, but you have to hurry!!!!! Get those orders in! 🙂 These are GREAT gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day!!!!!! Plus, you’ll be helping me Promote! 🙂 WOOT!

One more amazing thing for May??  Our MAY HOST EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! This is GREAT and you can get it if you host a party in May!     So, if you’d like to host a party, please comment and let me know!!! 🙂 We can get it set up ASAP!

What else is going on out there? Anything interesting?  Nothing much here.  Between work and Scentsy and Jude, I don’t have much time for anything else!!! LOL!! So sad!!!!

Anyways… I guess that’s it for me tonight!  I hope y’all are all doing GREAT! Let me know if I can help you with Scentsy!!!!!!! I love Scentsy, Love the products and I love the Company! Sign up and join my team! It’s SO MUCH FUN! 🙂






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