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Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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HEY HEY Everyone!!! 🙂  How’s it going??  Pretty good here!! I am just watching the rest of STEPMOM… I started it a few days ago and didn’t get to finish it!

SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE MOM’S OUT THERE!! Especially My Mama and my awesome big sister, Kayla! Two of the most Amazing Mama’s I know! 🙂 🙂  I don’t know what Jude’s deal is, but I did NOT get one thing from him today! LOL!! 🙂  Just kidding… I’m hoping to splurge and get a massage soon….  That will be from Jude. HAHA! 😉

Man did we have a GREAT weekend!!!!!! Work was crazy all week, Friday it rained almost all day and I got to have lunch with a friend at one of my favorite places, Sugarbakers… They have THE BEST Chicken Salad…. Like, EVER! If you live here, go there, and try it! Yummmmmy! Saturday my sister watched Jude for me and I went to have my Scentsy Table at Cooper North Elementary for the Mother/Daughter Spring Fling.  It was pretty good! I made some money, which is important. LOL!! 🙂


Mother’s Day is so weird….. Shouldn’t Mom’s be celebrated every single day????  The stuff Mom’s do for their families really goes un recognized. I am not just talking about the cooking, cleaning, etc.  I am also talking about the emotional side of parenting. MAN! It’s HARD!!! Sure, taking care of kids is hard work.. Making Sure Jude has clean clothes, food to eat, is learning what he needs to learn etc. That is ALL very hard work. BUT, the emotional side of it is just unreal.  Constantly wondering if you’re doing the right things with them, if you’re teaching them all the right things, making sure they’re safe from harm and illness, etc etc etc etc. LITERALLY feeling their pain when they’re hurt, or the emotions when they cry MAN!  Before I was a Mom, I NEVER would have known that side of it. I used to baby sit… I’ve babysat since I was 12. I even kep kids for long weekends, etc.  One family I kept their kids during the week while the parents went out of town… I had to get the boys up and fed and off to school, pick them up in the evening, take them home, feed them, get them to practices, get homework done, etc… So I knew that part of parenting was a JOB. But, the emotional part is something kept secret just for parents. LOL!!!!  One of my favorite quotes of all time is…. “Being a mother is like having your heart walking around outside your body.” It’s really quite true!!!!  It’s hard and sometimes it hurts. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the whole world!!!!!! It’s hard, but also fulfilling. Knowing that this child CAME FROM ME (you can tell because he’s the spitting image of me!) LOL! Anyways…… Enough about that.


I went and ran a few errands afterwards, then went to get Jude.  We stayed at Kayla’s for awhile hanging out and then came home… A little bit later, Kayla and her family came to our house. LOL!!!!!! It’s tradition for our family to do hamburgers EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY NIGHT! 🙂 Last night, Kayla made them for us! So sweet! 😉  After we ate, we went outside and watched Mom pull weeds. LOL!!!! 🙂  Today we had church, then came home and ate as a family… PawPaw & Quinton came over.. Everyone stayed ALL DAY! 🙂  It was great! We hung out outside, talking and listening to different songs.. Then for dinner, Mom made homemade pizza’s! YUMMMMMMMY! They were SO good!!!!!

A few of us have been doing the MyFitnessPal together.. Eating healthier and what not….. Today…… We all kinda blew that. Okay, not kinda.. But TOTALLY blew it. LOL! LOL!! Tomorrow it’s back to the grind.  If you know me, you know I ABSOLUTELY HATE eating healthy. LOL! I ADORE Fast food.. French fries, burritos, cokes, etc. AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHH! Oh well.. We weighed today and ALL of has lost weight! BOOM! 🙂  Now, I just need to start working out. BLAH! LOL! 😉

Did any of you guys do anything exciting this weekend???  I hope y’all had a GREAT one! 🙂

I have some very exciting stuff going on in my life… Answers to prayer! Jude and I have something we pray about EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  And the first part has been answered! 🙂 🙂 So, we continue to pray EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and will wait for the second part to be answered. God is SO good to us!!!!!  I love teaching Jude about prayer, and showing Jude when God DOES answer the prayers in a very real way. It’s so exciting!!!!!! I am so glad that I’ve been raised in a family who worships God, who taught me about prayer. Thankful also for my church for that. It’s so important! I can only hope that Jude will remember these moments and grow up to do the same with his children some day. 🙂 There is a fairly new song that I LOVE that talks about Trusting Jesus.. It’s GREAT and it’s by Hillsong.. LOVE THEM! It’s called “Cornerstone”


This youtube video has the lyrics.. It’s SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Anyways…  I guess I’d better go. It’s midnight and I have a busy day tomorrow!




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