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Prayer and New Music!

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There is a fairly new song on KLOVE that I have just been LOVING lately!! At first, I didn’t really pay much attention when it was on.  But it’s SO catchy and the lyrics are AWESOME!  It’s a GREAT song! It’s called “Starts With Me” by Tim Timmons.. Who is this guy anyways?! LOL! I’ve never heard of him! He has a great, unique voice… LOVE THE SONG!!! Watch the Youtube video…….. Lyrics are in the video.


If you don’t love this song after hearing it, YOU ARE CRAZY! LOL!

I am SO glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!! WHEW! I am ready for a day off! This week has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I’m going non stop every day!  It’s good to be busy though, I guess.. Job Security! 🙂

Last night Jude spent the night at a my sisters house. His idea. LOL! He had a BLAST! And I did too…. Y’all know me.. MAJOR PARTY ANIMAL these days. So I went to Target (my favorite place on Earth), then I came home and talked to my parents and sister for awhile, and THEN I watched Dr Phil. BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Big time party over here.  I was talking to my cousin in Tennessee and told her I was watching Dr Phil, and she said “WHOA! Slow down over there! The night is still young!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 😀


I slept well last night. That was nice. 🙂 I actually got to wake up and put my make up on… 🙂  That’s exciting! LOL!  My sister said that Jude woke up at 7am. He NEVER wakes up that early at home. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This weekend I don’t have any plans, that I can think of… LOL! I HOPE there’s not something I am forgetting! EEEEEEK! I am hoping that Jude will want to sleep in some Saturday morning, and then we’ll probably play outside in the water. LOL! It’s been SO stinkin’ hot this week…. Supposed to 100 degrees tomorrow and Saturday…  I am guessing we’ll be outside all weekend long! 🙂

Anyways…. I guess that’s it… Not a whole lot going on.. EXCEPT, The Lord is AMAZING!  He is answering prayers left and right. I have one prayer that Jude and I pray every single day… I could use YOUR prayers as well! I’m not going to say the need on here, because some people don’t need to know all my business, but you guys that pray, PLEASE pray! LOL! 🙂

I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Friday!!!!!!!!!!!



One thought on “Prayer and New Music!

  1. He is answering prayers all over the place and I know He will answer this one too. Oh, and stop laughing about Jude waking up at 7:00. I wasn’t laughing AT ALL!

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