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I Pray For You

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Hey everyone! How are y’all doing tonight?  I am doing pretty good! Just watching my usual FRIENDS episodes before bed! 🙂 LOL! Love it!

There is SO much heartache right now… So many people are hurting and it’s just hearbreaking!!!!! First the tornadoes in Oklahoma Sunday and Monday.. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are all feeling! :0( I have family and friends in Oklahoma.. Some in OKC, Yukon, and Moore.  Luckily, they are ALL okay! Thank Jesus for that!!!!  But SO MANY others are not so fortunate! 😦  It’s just awful!  Seeing all the destruction on TV is terrible, I can’t stand to watch it anymore. I did see a video that brought tears to my eyes, and made me happy…  I have been posting about prayer and how God answers… And then this morning, someone posted the following video on FB……………..


With all the heartache and pain, it’s nice to see heartwarming things come through!!!!!!!!

On top of all of this, tonight I found out a girl in my Scentsy group, has a two year old son who drowned at day care today. He is still alive, in ICU, but she said it’s not looking good..  That’s the last update I have.. I haven’t heard anything new in hours. I pray for that sweet toddler and pray God’s arms around him. And I pray for peace and comfort for his parents and family.  It’s so terrible! 😦

You always hear people say things like “How could God allow this?” Or “God is not good, or he wouldn’t allow all this”, etc etc… God didn’t say we wouldn’t have pain and heartache.. That loved ones wouldn’t die, that bad things wouldn’t happen.  He actually said there would be heartache. There would be trials and tribulations, but we should “take heart, for He has overcome the World!” God is STILL in the business of Miracles! It’s never too late! But WE have to PRAY, we have to LEAN on Him, and TRUST him!!!!  HE OVERCAME THE WORLD! Can He NOT overcome ALL of this?  ANYTHING you are going through?? I KNOW He can.

I pray for EVERYONE in OK tonight.. I pray for my fellow Scentsy Mama, Heather… I pray for YOU. I pray you find peace tonight.  I pray you sleep well.  I pray the same things I pray with my son every single night for our family.  That God will wrap His arms around you… That He will send His Angels to encamp around you.  Shield you from evil, harm, and sickness. I pray for a good nights rest, and sleep dreams. I pray tomorrow is a new day for you! Though there is pain at night, there’s JOY in the morning! Believe it and receive it! I know I am!!!!!!

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