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All The Single Ladies

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What’s going on??  I am just sitting here watching FEVER PITCH! 🙂 This movie is so cute! 🙂  I love Drew Barrymore and ADORE Jimmy Fallon! 🙂

This post  is really for all the single ladies out there… Watching this movie kinda reminds me of the type of guy I would like to date.. Well, in the beginning it does.. The whole, immaturity, obsessed with baseball, etc is NOT what I want. LOL! But in the beginning they’re supposed to go on their first date, but she gets a stomach bug. He didn’t even know her, but he stayed and took care of her, cleaned her house, etc. How adorable is that? I just think that’s the sweetest thing EVER! In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a sensitive, caring man.  Well, except for a Godly man.. That kinda takes the cake. But then, if he’s REALLY a Godly man, he’ll probably be caring and sensitive! 🙂

All of you single ladies out there probably have a list.. Either on paper, or in your head, of what the “Perfect Man” looks like to you. I know I do. Something I’ve learned is.. NEVER SHARE THAT LIST WITH A MAN! LOL! Seriously.. Especially one you don’t know well.. If you’re online dating, don’t post it out there for everyone to see.  ANY MAN can fake it for awhile. You put it out there and tell everyone, I guarantee you’ll find the nut jobs who really AREN’T that man, but can pretend they are for awhile. I’ve told two guys in my past what I want in a relationship… What my “dream man” looks like and acts like.  Both men faked it REALLY well for awhile!!! So…. No one but me and God know what my “DREAM MAN” looks like.  Well, my BFF does too.. But she knows better than to say a WORD. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

As a single lady, you probably get lonely sometimes. Or all the time. I know I do. Before I had Jude, I was used to being surrounded by guys. I dated, I was married, etc. Dating takes on a whole new meaning after you have a child. I no longer want a man just to fill the void. My last relationship ended in December 2009. I haven’t dated a man since. I refuse to settle down and date around.  For one thing, I don’t want just ANY guy around my son. Two, I don’t want MULTIPLE men meeting my son.. It gets confusing and hard on children when their parents date a whole lot of people and there are partners constantly in and out of their lives. It’s not fair to the child. They begin to form a bond with one guy, then you break up and date another and they get close to that guy and then you break up and date another…. No thank you. Also, I won’t settle for just anyone. I’ve settled in the past. Not happening again.  If I date again, it will be because there is something truly special there.  Something MORE than just dating. My son deserves more and so do I!

Sometimes I get lonely and I gripe to my BFF. I was kinda interested in a guy and then found out some things that I was NOT impressed with…. She always tells me the same thing… “Maybe God is sparing you from being hurt”. I’ve been hurt quite a bit in the past.  So, she COULD be on to something. Of course I’d never tell her she was right…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Anyways….  If you’re lonely and it seems like there are no guys, just remember that God could DEFINITELY be sparing you from hurt, heartache, or even danger.

So… I wait. I sit and wait. And Pray. If I am supposed to get married again, God will bring him around me when the time is right.  Even if I feel like it is freaking taking FOREVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Gods time is NOT our time. And he knows what he is doing.  He sees the whole picture and we can not.  Sometimes, like I have done in the past.. I push past what HE wants and just do what I want… It has ALWAYS caused GREAT heartache and pain. It’s definitely NOT worth it.. Especially since I have a child to think about.  His needs FAR outweigh my own.

So ladies.. Sit tight. PRAY for that special guy that you long to find. Pray for him in his daily life, his relationship with Christ, etc. That’s what I do. Every day. IF there is a husband in my future, I am praying for him every single night before bed. I will only accept the best from now on. I am a child of the King.  I am a “Princess”. And until God says okay, I’ll wait (sometimes impatiently) for my “Prince”! 🙂



This post may not have helped a single soul out there. But if it did, I’m glad. 🙂


One thought on “All The Single Ladies

  1. LOVE this post! You’re awesome. You are totally right, you and Jude deserve more! Love you!

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