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I Work Out…


No, no I don’t. LOL!!!! I ATTEMPT to work out, but geeze louise!  I was warned. I can’t say that I wasn’t. But GOOD GOLLY!  I did 15 minutes of the Level one in the 30 Day Shred. RIDICULOUS. I am serious.  I ONLY DID FIFTEEN MINUTES! I am fairly certain I will just roll over out of bed. HA! How pathetic am I?  I mean, really?!?!? HA! I haven’t worked out in a VERY, VERY, VERY long day!  I think I should probably get a membership to a gym and have a trainer help me out! LOL! SIGH!!!!!!!!  It’s really pretty sad! 😦  Oh well!!!!!!!


I am watching “Ring Of Fire”… It’s a story on June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash. More from HER side of the story.  Jewel is playing June Carter Cash… She’s not my favorite.. But so far it’s pretty good. I LOVE Johnny Cash, and I LOVE his music… So we’ll see how this goes.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend??  Ours was GREAT!!!!!  I already talked about Friday and SAturday… So Sunday Jude and I were SUPPOSED to get up and go to Sunday School. Yeah, we didn’t make it. We didn’t wake up until 9:24am! BLAH! We DID make it to church, and it was a WONDERFUL sermon! I LOVE our Pastor.  He had a whole sermon planned out for the next two Sundays.  But God changed it. It was WONDERFUL! It was about disasters and what causes it, why they happen, etc. Our church is truly blessed with a WONDERFUL pastor! I just LOVE him!!!!!!!!

AFter church we, of course, came home and ate with the whole family.  After lunch I put Jude down for a nap, and then the rest of us just hung out. We played Super Mario on Wii, talked, laughed, etc. Monday Jude and I slept in LATE! We didn’t get up until 10am! LOL! Jude ate breakfast and then we immediatley went outside.  Jude was in and out ALL day long!!!!!!  I played outside with him (actually just sat and supervised!) I also Mowed the yard, which Jude LOVED. LOL!!! My Mom made a Tri Tip and Potato salad for lunch.. It was delicious!! We also got ice cream from the ice cream truck… YUMMMMMY! I freaking love that stuff! It is my FAVORITE! Today I got the BRATZ one. LOL! SO GOOD! Everyone left pretty early for cook outs with friends and what not, but that was fine with me! LOL! Jude didn’t take a nap, so he was bathed and in bed asleep by 7:48pm! LOL!! 🙂   THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I was so glad!! After he went to bed, I dyed my hair and took a shower! WOOOOOT! 🙂


I did this box. I’ve done it before… The color I was sporting before this one was too brassy, in my opinion.  I like the more purple-y colors! 🙂  This is a cheaper hair color and I LOVE IT! I LOVE Revlon products PERIOD! 🙂

Today work was good… It went by fast! I had lunch with a fellow Scentsy Sister whom I just LOVE!! We ate at Jason’s Deli and it was SO good! I haven’t been there in a long time!!! Anyways!!!

I guess that’s it!!!!  My life is PRETTY exciting! 🙂 I hope y’all have a wonderful evening and a GREAT day tomorrow!!!! I LOVE Holiday’s because when you have Monday off, the rest of the week goes FAST!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!


Sherilyn J

2 thoughts on “I Work Out…

  1. You are so funny! 15 minutes is better than nothing! Love your hair and I love you!

  2. Hahahaha! You are so crazy!

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