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Everybody’s Working For The Weekend!

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Hey everyone!!! How’s it going?   Pretty good here! I SHOULD be asleep! It’s midnight! Blehh! 😦  Oh well!  I’ll just sit here and watch  FRIENDS and hopefully go to sleep soon!

This week has flown by, and I am glad! I am SO ready for the weekend!! WHEW! I just want to be able to hang out with Jude and chill out!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job, but even more than that, I LOVE my son and spending time with him!! 🙂

Last night we had a HUGE storm! Luckily, no tornadoes! But man! We got PUMMELED with high winds, rain, and hail! Our fence blew down and tree limbs everywhere.. There are places here with their roof caved in, etc… It’s terrible!  IT woke Jude up and we didn’t get back to sleep until after midnight! It was SO loud, and a little scary!!!!!!! Okay, actually it was VERY scary! EEEEEK! LOL!  Anyways!

So you know that FMSPHOTOADAY thing? Yeah, I NEVER FINISH THEM! EVER! I got to day 3. LOL!! I don’t know why in the world I can’t ever finish those things! THis time is the worst though! LOL!!!!! Oh well! I’m not so broken up over it. My sisters are doing good with it though, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy looking at their pictures! 🙂

Speaking of three days, it’s been three full days since I’ve had a coke.. Or Dr Pepper.. Or Big Red. MAN do I miss them! LOL! I Just love them!!!!!!! Eating mexican food, or pizza, just isn’t the same with water or tea. I went to Rosa’s Tuesday night with my Adopted Grandma, and had TEA with my Tacos! AUGH! It was so Blah! Boring!  But I have GOT to do it this time for sure!!!! I’ve done it before, I can do it now! BOOM! 🙂 My sister Brynne hasn’t had a coke in like 4 or 5 weeks!! She’s doing GREAT!!!! Anyways!

What else is going on???  I’m trying to think… Brynne is griping because Kayla and I haven’t been updating as much as she is, but really, my life is RIDICULOUSLY boring!!! It’s Work, Jude, Scentsy, Sleep….. Work, Jude, Scentsy, Sleep… Over and over again! HAHA! Oh well!!!

I rented SAFE HAVEN the other night from Red Box.. OH MY GOSH!!!! Have you guys seen that movie!?  IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!!  Josh Duhamel was SO FREAKING CUTE in that movie! Makes ya just love him even more!!!!


Such a Hottie!!!!!!!!!!  If you haven’t seen it yet, GO RENT IT!!!!!!!

Another movie came out this week, Identity Theft… LOOKS HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE Justin Batemen, and I ADORE Melissa McCarthy! She is too funny!!


It’s not in Red Box yet, but I am gonna get it from Hastings this weekend!!! 🙂


What are you guys doing this weekend?  I have one of two things I am doing with Jude… Haven’t decided for sure which one.  But either way, we’ll have a BLAST!!!! 🙂

ANYWAYS! I guess that’s it!

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE!!!  I have two parties open right now! One is an ONLINE Party and the other is a Home Party taking place in a couple weeks! 🙂 Scentsy is SO much fun and I am having a BLAST! If you’ve EVER considered selling it, now is a great time to join in!! Just check it ALL out online and let me know!!!!   https://sherilync.scentsy.us








One thought on “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend!

  1. I like that you mentioned me several times 🙂 HAHA!!

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