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HEY GUYS!!! What’s going on??  Same old stuff around here!!!!  Watching Friends, about to go to bed! I AM SO EXCITED IT’S FRIDAY!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! 🙂  I LOVE Fridays! IT MEANS….. THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!!! 🙂  Jude and I don’t have a lot planned… I work until 5, and then Jude and I may go shopping.  Saturday evening we have a birthday party for one of Jude’s friends!! YAY! It’s his 3rd birthday!  We’ve gone to all his parties so far and they’re always great! I am excited!!!!

Today was a GREAT Day! Work was CRAZY slow, so I didn’t go in until after lunch. Jude and I spent the morning together.  We laid in bed, watched tv, he climbed on me like I was a stinkin’ jungle gym! LOL! 🙂 I got him spaghetti from FAZOLIS and then I went to work.  After work I met up with a new Scentsy customer who found me on CRAIGSLIST! 🙂 Gotta love those! She bought bulbs and a travel tin! 🙂 We came home, ate dinner, and played outside.  It’s been a gorgeous night! I Love Summer nights!!

I’ve actually been wearing make up lately! 🙂 YEAH ME! I am pretty proud of myself. LOL! I’d gotten into a rut.. I wasn’t in the mood to put it on.. There were SEVERAL WEEKS that I Didn’t wear make up at all. GROSS! LOL!!! But now, I’m BACK AT IT! 🙂 WOOT!

I have been doing REALLY, REALLY good at my NO COKES thingy! 🙂  I haven’t had a coke, dr pepper, big red, or anything in almost 10 days! YAY! I KNEW I could do it! 🙂  I did it after Jude was born for like 6 months! I am drinking a couple sweet teas a day, but the tea I make at home is decaf! 🙂 I’m pretty proud of myself!  Hey! If I can quit smoking cold turkey, I can quit cokes, right?  🙂 Speaking of, I haven’t had a smoke since November 2009! BOOOOOOM!


Now I just REALLY, REALLY need to get to working out!!!! AUGH! Why can’t I do it?! I am SO not motivated! BLAH!  I am just going to have to MAKE Myself do it.

I’ve decided I’m getting my nails done in a couple weeks.  I have an event coming up and I wanna look awesome! LOL! 🙂  So I am getting acrylics. 🙂  I used to get them done all the time… I haven’t had my nails done in YEARS!!!! It’s crazy how beautiful nails can make you feel.. Even if I have no make up on, or my hair is a lil funky.. Nails make me feel so beautiful and feminine.  Is that weird?! LOL!!!!!! My friend Amber and I are also getting pedicures the first week of July! I can’t wait for that! I haven’t had a pedicure in over a year now!!!!!!   You have to truly pamper yourself every once in awhile.. I think you do atleast! 🙂  My friend works for a woman, and she takes the office to get their nails done every couple of weeks.  TOTALLY jealous of her! LOL!  I told my boss (who is a guy) about it, and suggested he do the same for us but he didn’t really agree! LOL!! 🙂 Sigh! Guess I just have to work harder so I can do it on my own! 🙂

ANYWAYS! I guess that’s it for tonight! 🙂   I hope y’all have a GREAT night, and a WONDERFUL Friday!!!!!!








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