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Head Shots and Blessings!

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Hey everyone! What is up tonight?  I am catching up on all the shows I’ve DVR’d over the past few nights!  Jude is finally asleep! We’ve had some storms again tonight and Jude was NOT happy.  Poor thing! Before the storms started though, my sister took my head shots for my BRAND NEW SCENTSY BUSINESS CARDS! 🙂  YAY!!!!!!!!  I’m excited!!


WOOT WOOT!!! She is a WONDERFUL photographer!!!!!! You need to check out her AWESOME PHOTOS!! Just click HERE She is a WONDERFUL photographer!!!!!!!!!!!! I was touching up my make up before she took the pics, and so she snapped a few… Take a look! 🙂  Pretend I am NOT making a weird face.. Okay!?


These are the products I used today! Minus my foundation and blush.


Lipstick in Pretty by Avon, Pressed Shadow TAKO by Sugarpill, Teal (chrome) and Iris by MFFX, and Wet N Wild palette “Blue Had Me At Hello” 🙂

I Absolutely LOVE make up! LOL! Today was the first day in a LONG time that my eyes didn’t water!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! Maybe that’s over! I sure as heck hope so!!!!

So….. I work for a WONDERFUL company!  They started doing this thing where every Tuesday in Sales Meeting, they draw a name and everyone in the whole office prays for that person for the week! Well… This week, MY name was drawn!! 🙂  Man! It is GOOD to know you’re being prayed for!!! I KNOW several of them pray for me all the time anyways, but knowing others are is a pretty great feeling!!! I’ve received well wishes, blessings, cards, emails… I just LOVE it! 🙂  I am truly blessed!!!! I Love working at an office with GODLY people! People who truly Love Jesus and LOVE to bless other people!

Anyways! 🙂

Well, I guess I’d better close this out for tonight! 🙂  I hope y’all enjoy this blog! If not, DON’T TELL ME! LOL! Just kidding! 🙂






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